Friday, October 17, 2014

To the Outpost!

Hello Wizards!
    Last time we left off on our adventures, we visited Hametsu Village in hopes to find a cure for the Emperor. We were to late, the village was in flames and destroyed. Warlord Katsumori has gone mad and is trying to take over. To help out we defeat one of Katsumori's warlords near Hametsu Village, Do-Daga. Shojiro the guard to the Village thanked us, and asks us to go to Tatakai Outpost to catch the spy helping Katsumori.
    Sanasai, the guard for the Outpost thanks you for coming to help him. He tells us that we have to take back control over the outpost or the enemies will not give us a chance to reclaim the Emperor's Sword. Sanasai tells us to head towards the lookout towers scattered around the area to devise our next plan of action. When we return we tell him what it looks like and he decides we have to weaken the enemies by taking away their supplies.
    Warrior Sanasai has us visit his friend, Shai Fung who will know how to cut the enemies supplies. First he wants us to go around the outpost and destroy any supply boxes containing weapons we see. When we return with the good news, Shai tells us that Katsumori has sent out more supply runners to get more Weapons after we destroyed some of them. Lets go defeat some of them to cut the supplies for good!
    When we return to Shai, he is very happy that we have cut off the supplies. But to make sure no more come to the Outpost we have to defeat Katsumori's Quartermaster who resides near the Outpost's edge. After we do that, we can finally confront him and take back the Emperor's sword!

    Shai is excited when we return and tell him we defeated the Quartermaster, he wants us to go tell Sanasai the good news that we have finally stopped the supplies from coming. Sanasai is happy we finally have stopped them, but is still worried about the spy that is rumored to be here. He wants us to go around the outpost and light the Scout towers on fire as a distraction while he looks for him.
    When we return to Sanasai after lighting all of the posts on fire, he tells us that he has found the "spy". It is the leader of the enemy outpost, he is located in the dojo up ahead but the keys were taken by the ronin soldiers when they took over. Lets go defeat some and find that key to finally stop the spy Maito!
    Now that we have the key, we have to sneak into the dojo. Sanasai has sent his army to distract most of Maito's army. Now is our chance to end this war in the Outpost! For the Emperor!

    After defeating the spy, we return to Sanasai and he thanks us for all of the help we presented him. It turns out that he is actually Shojiro's brother! Lets head back to Hametsu Village and finally confront Warlord Katsumori now that we have stopped some of his army!
Until then Wizards!

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