Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Test Realm is Open!

Hello Wizards!
    Last week, Kingsisle opened up the Test Realm for us to test out some new features! They include new Dungeons, Shadow Spells, Equipment Sets, and so much more! I'm gonna run through each feature below to explain and show pics and or video. To read all of the new updates, head over to the test realm update notes! Let us begin...
    There are 4 new dungeons that open to the Spiral with this update! Each is a different difficulty so there is fun for everyone.
- Level 25 and higher; Expedition to save missing Marleybonian Soldiers
- Level 40 and higher; Sherlock Bones needs your help in Barkingham Palace
- Level 60 and higher; Alhazred and his student needs your help on Zigazag
- Level 100; Malistaire the Undead summons you to Ancient Darkmoor Castle

    I will be blogging about each dungeon one by one in upcoming posts, including recordings of each in full length. For now though, above is a taste of them! Next up is the new Shadow spells you will learn with this new update.
    If you complete part of the Darkmoor Dungeon, you receive the above spells as a reward. Notice that you have to use regular pips AND 1 shadow pip. This is the first time this occurs in the game, and I bet that we will see a lot more pip combo's like this in the future. I should inform you that the Glowbug Squall, Call of Khrulhu, and Gaze of Fate have all been changed from the above with a recent update. Glowbug Squall is now 1120 Storm Damage to all and remove all positive charms. Call of Khrulhu is now 830 health drain to all enemies. Finally Gaze of Fate is 550 Balance Damage + 550 Random School Damage and applies a 25% balance boost bubble. Below is a recording of the new Storm Spell I got during test!

    I really love the animation of this one and the bugs are really hilarious. I like how they are starting to use background during them as well. Next up is one of my favorite new updates, Gear Sets!
    Starting when this update pushes to live, you have the option in your backpack to create your own customized gear sets with one click of a button! For example, say I wanted to create my Critical Gear Set up. I would equip everything in my Crit Gear Set + which pet I would be using, and deck and click "create gear set". It then would ask you what you want to name it. After naming it, it will be an option for you to "click" and with one click of a button all of those gear/pet/deck will be equipped instead of manually equipping all one by one! Amazing! A+ to whoever pushed this feature.
    Next up is Skeleton Keys! During some of the battles in the new dungeons, you have a rare chance at collecting a skeleton key! There are 3 different kinds right now; Wooden, Stone, and Gold. You can receive the Wooden keys from the level 25 dungeon and the level 40 dungeon. You can receive the Stone keys from the level 60 dungeon, and finally you can receive the Golden keys from Darkmoor Castle.
    What you do with these keys when you find one is either place them in your house as decoration, OR use them! :) In the new Dungeons you could find a lock on the wall or door that is asking to be opened. If you or someone in the dungeon with you has a key, open it up, there could be treasure inside or evil awaiting you!

    I cannot wait for these features and dungeons to be on the Live realm, more fun things to farm for especially Malistaire's Gear in Darkmoor Castle. Posts about each Dungeon will be coming very soon!
See you in the Spiral Wizards!

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