Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Santa's Workshop Winners!

Hello Wizards!
    My has time flew by! Its almost Christmas... 10 more days! Felix Navidad and I have looked over all of your entries for a Santa's Workshop themed Dungeon, and have chosen 4 lucky winners. Before we list the winners and their entries, I want to first thank everyone who entered. You all did a wonderful job and we loved your entries. Sadly this is a contest and only some of you can win.
    Do not give up though if you didn't get chosen, there are TONS of contests going on right now in the Wizard101 Community for the Holidays. You can check out all of them on the other Fansites on this page. Also if you are a Pirate101 player, I have another contest going on right now on that site. Again, thank you and I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!
1st Place: Matthew Stormcaster
Floor 1 Mob: Christmas Elementals
                Like regular elementals just with Christmas story themes.
Elemental of the Past (Balance) 7,000 health, Elemental of the Present (Ice) 7,000 health, Elemental of the Future (Death) 9,000
(3 round cheat cycle: Look to the past, future, present; first round bladestorm, second round group empower (future elemental takes damage to give the trio 3 extra pips), third round attack with Frost Giant)
Floor 2: Mob Christmas Helpers
Gift wrapping Elf 1 (rank 8:4,000 health and fire, Hermey the dentist rank 11:12,000 health and ice, Toy packing elf myth rank 8: 4,000 health, and Head elf Will 6,000 health and life).
"Let’s check those teeth": if any crown items are in play (minions, potions, elixirs, gear) Herymey hits you with a rush or Christmas mint no pip tempest.
"Too much stacking not enough sparkle": if more than 5 charms/wards are stack on a character the packing elves bum rush the character and cause a shatter/enfeeble
Floor 3: The Christmas Conundrum Machine
In the conundrum room wizards will see a large golden cash register type of machine that is spitting out list and calculations and updating with information quickly. The machine is linked to four teleports labeled 1-4. The elves will tell the wizard the backstory and the riddle and then show the wizard 4 possible scenarios based on the answer choices. The choices are love, kindness, compassion, or compromise. Each teleporter will show the wizard what will happen if someone in the riddle chooses to act in a certain way to best decided what present will be best for everyone. Wizards will have to look at the four generated images in the portals and pick the right one. The answer is compromise and the picture is that of the family in a synthetic snow park enjoying with Olaf in sunny California the destination of the parents business meeting (it’s a miracle) and although the other portals look somewhat deceiving (love shows the kids at a ski resort somewhat happy with the parents ok and Olaf getting burned in Hawaii, kindness shows jack in a hot location with a fake smile trying to enjoy Christmas, compassion shows the kids at home with Olaf as the parents head to their business trip.
Floor 4: Mob; Christmas Enforcers
Frosty (10,000 health and ice), Nutcracker (10,000 health and ic ), little drummer boy (10,000 health and myth ), baby new year (6,000 health and balance)
"Crack that shell" triggers the nutcracker to use a +25 infallible whenever a wizard uses a shield.
"Don’t wake the baby" triggers baby New Year to wake up, cry, and use a no pip hungry caterpillar on a wizard who uses a shadow spell. Fall back asleep after spell 
"Don’t mess with yellow snow" causes frost to use a dispel whenever a storm or myth spell is used on him. Dispels reflect whatever was used on him.
Floor 5: The List Room
This floor is another puzzle room. As a team wizards have an option to change their name on Santa’s list for better drops in the last fight against Santa; cause who doesn’t want better drops from Santa!! If the team chooses to change their names from the bad kids list to the good kids list (you did break into his factory so yes you’re on the bad list) they have to fight bad santa (Bad Santa; Storm boss with a death mastery amulet, 40,000 health, knows storm spells up to storm owl and death spells: vampire, Dr. Vons monster, scarecrow, deer knight, and bonetree lord). No cheats but he is a strong solo beast with a natural 60% block. If the team chooses not to change the list milk, cookies, sugar plums, and gum drops will rain down replenishing mana and health.
Floor 6: Boss (Santa 40,000 health moon school master, Rudolph 20,000 health fire, Grinch 15,000 health life, Comet 10,000 health storm)
Dialogue: Santa: Wizard I’ve got cookies to eat and you don’t want to get in the way of the end of my diet.
Grinch: Wait a minute tubs no one ruins Christmas except me. I’ll take care of this wizard and then you.
"Reindeer games"-If a wizard cast their own school blade on themselves Rudolph will steal the blade and cast a meteor storm causing comet to mimic the attack with his name sake and use a natural attack on the wizard.
"Look at the time": Since you cut Santa off right before getting on his sleigh every fifth round he will scatter feints on both sides off the board to quickly end the fight.
"Oh my heart": If a pet heals their owner or the team the Grinch will be caused so much joy he will heal the wizards team with a unicorn.
After the fight dialogue: Santa well I hope your happy with yourself now im behind on time and down two reindeer for Christmas, you better hope my old automatic still works.
Grinch: jeez what got up his stocking!
2nd Place: Crystel
Santa’s Workshop
( Felix Navidad has been on vacation this whole year, and Mr. and Mrs. Yeti Clause have taken over his workshop, help him rescue his friends and his workshop! Talk to Felix Navidad in Wizard City, Shopping District. Level requirement 110 )
Felix Navidad gives 15% damage, and 20% resist in battle
First Floor : Dialogue “ How dare you seek in before Christmas, no one is allowed here, especially naughty children. Prepare your arrows for battle brothers!” (4 Brainwashed Christmas Elves rank 15 Fire + Storm elite health 4,200 health)
After defeat “Oooh.. my head. Pleaaa…sseee Wizard, save Christmas ” (Walls are in the color of green, with a snowman for puzzle)
Second Floor : “ Everyone else is dancing happily, but you aren’t ” (Brainwashed Walking Christmas Trees Rank 15 Ice + Myth Elite Health 5,000)
After defeat: “ I’m so sorry Wizard, but I promise you Felix Navidad would give you plenty of gifts under my fellow tree ” (Walls are red, with a reindeer)
Third Floor : Dialogue “ …. ” Rudolph Fire Boss Rank 16 HP: 12,000 (along with Rank 15 Elite Floating Bells with 3,000 HP)

Casts Smoke Screen every turn for 3 rounds.
After three rounds are done he casts 90% Tower shields on himself.
Dots trigger him to use Triage
Repeats the cycle
After defeat: Rudolph has his red nose once again, with his Sleigh Bells on his back (Walls are green again, with Rudolph in the picture)

Puzzle Time :
  3 different rooms, you chose to decorate, once you leave the room it can’t be changed. If you choose it wrong, 4 Sandman show to defeat each with 4,500 HP (Use the hints of the previous rooms)
Fourth Floor : Dialogue “ Who goes there?!”   Mrs. Yeti Clause (Rank 15 Life HP: 20,000)
Summons 1 minion when she’s attacked (Life healing minions, either cast satyr 4,000 HP, rebirth 2,500 HP, or fairy 2,000 HP on her)
Removes any kind of traps, and blades in the fourth round, and attacks everyone with a natural attack that deals 1,500
If anyone uses any kind of shields, she uses steal ward on them.
If dispels are used on her, she puts a dispel on the wizard’s school.
Fifth Floor: Mr. Yeti Clause Rank 15 35,000 HP: Dialogue “ I won’t let you ruin my Christmas!”
First round he uses a 150% universal trap on everyone.
Summons Mrs. Yeti Clause (is immune to any school, and pierce. She doesn’t attack till Mr. Yeti is dropped to 10,000 HP)
Mr. Yeti has 50% Resist to any school
If dispels, weakness, enfeeble, shatter is used, he uses it back to the caster
He steals any charm.
Dialogue: “ That tickles! ”- He uses mana burn if someone uses wand hits.
Dialogue: “Naughty or Nice?!” Casts a dragon blade worth 150% damage to anyone. But the naughty gets a 150% weakness. Repeats every 5 rounds
Dialogue: “ No, you get coal!”- If the naughty wizard gets picked and attacks, he uses Krampus
Dialogue: “I won’t let you !” If anyone heals or, Mrs. Yeti uses double dispels on everyone. (random)
When Mr. Yeti is at 10,000 HP, Mrs. Yeti says “Uh oh” and casts a rebirth that heals him 10,000 HP. At this point you can defeat her (1,000 HP)
After Defeat:
Mr. Yeti: “All I ever wanted to be was Santa....
Mrs. Yeti “Maybe it’s not fit for you, let’s just do Winter bane”
Mr. Yeti “It’s not as fun as this workshop. For once in my life, I felt happy making toys for the ones who been well this year. It brings a smile in my face on how many kids believe in this marvelous holiday.”
Mrs. Yeti: I’m sorry, but that’s not our job, we belong in tiny caves, among the forests, surviving.
Mr. Yeti: “Yes, I know..”
Mrs. Yeti: "Let’s go, we could celebrate Christmas in our house this year.”
3rd Place: Alexander
There's a new type of dungeon! It's an Ultra [Holiday] Dungeon! These dungeons are like Ultra Dungeons where you may only use them once, but there are multiple battles in each. They cost 1000 crowns each in the crown shop, or you may receive them as drops once per fifteen battles with an end-of-the-world-boss (Nightshade, Mirror Lake, etc.) during the holiday season ONLY.
But these are different than any before. All drops from the specific holiday dungeon only drops items for that holiday. The dungeon is entirely themed for that holiday...and all battles are bosses too.
The Ultra Yuletide Dungeon is very neat. Once you enter, the scene is a winter wonderland. It is the outer North Pole. Snow, snow-covered trees, and snow covered everything is present with a frozen ice lake in the middle. You find...a gobbbler. It tell you that something is wrong with Christmas; and that they need to make it to the heart of the North Pole defeat that something. Santa is not making his toys and gifts at his workshop! And since he is not, he does not get any food! You start your quest.
You go talk to the  snowball (Frosty the Frostyman of Snow) who needs help. He is actually a snowman that was destroyed. He tells you his story. Soon after, you battle him to heal him. He has two minions (his children: Evil snowmen). The amount you battle depends on the number of players. The battle, oddly, is opposite. Everyone starts out with 1 health point, but are not dead. All damage counts as health points instead. Healing counts as damage. This is known as the Opposite Effect. (Pet maycasts are included)
3 round intervals occur between the switching (this is NOT stoppable) of the Opposite Effect and Normality. But it starts out with 5 rounds of Opposite effect. Your objective is to heal the the snowman to its full health in the first five rounds. 
Like the opposite of hangman, as you heal him he is re-made. He body will come back (the three balls) as you heal him. When you get him to 2/3 of his health, his middle will come back with his arms and coal buttons. When you get him to full health, he will be a full snowman with a head, hat, nose, and mouth.
If you do not finish healing him (in the first 5 rounds), bad things will happen. First, Frosty will be invulnerable and turn evil and deal incredible damage to all players (their health will probably be low due to the Opposite Effect). His minions will stun all players for 2 rounds and add tower shields to themselves. Then after the 3 rounds are over, the Opposite Effect comes back to order, and Frosty is back to being innocent. If you still do not manage to heal him when the rounds go back to Normality, nothing will happen. This only happens the first time.
If you do manage to heal him back to full health...well, he turns evil anyway. Then you will be able to actually kill him (but not during the Opposite Effect rounds). Once you fully heal him, it will be a normal battle. After you defeat him, he will turn back into the good Frosty, and send you on your way to find Santa and his workshop. You go to the next floor...it's a hugemongous floor: the North Pole. You pass houses, wild animals, and many fascinating things. But there is not happiness or people. There is a grim mood. You make your way to Santa's huge workshop, where everything is. All levels are locked until you finish a battle or solve a puzzle.
The first living things you find are the raindeers of Santa. They are in trouble and you need to help them. This is the puzzle and is meant to be easy and fast. Following the picture in the book, you need to get them into their reins in the right order. To do this, you MUST go to each raindeer IN ORDER and press X After you solve the puzzle, you earn your usual health and mana wisps.
If you don't, then 3/5 of your health is drained, along with 1/3 of your mana, and the raindeer caretaker does it for you. You are not allowed to heal yourself in anyway until you go into the next battle.
As you go deeper into the workshop, you find the elves covered in black dust-probably coal. But actually, it is in them.There are three: Ice, Fire, and Life elves. As it happens to turn out, they are evil. You must battle them to get through. These elves have a unique cheat.
Every 3 rounds, the Mirror Effect occurs. The effect is what it sounds like: it mirrors. So whatever elf a player is looking at, that is their mirror effect opponent. Whatever the other casts, the other casts for them. If Player One casts a blade on himself...and Elf one heals himself...then Player one will cast the elf's spell (he will heal himself) and the elf will cast the player's spell (he gets a blade). The mana used is equivalent to the spell you literally casted (so the mirror opponent). Otherwise, the battle is normal. Pet maycasts apply on the Mirror Effect as well.
After you finish, the coal falls out and disappears into the air. The three elves are good again. They tell you that some coal dust went into them, and that they don't remember anything. You are suspicious about the coal...it was in the snowman, and the elves...
They send you on your way to the kitchen. You meet the Gingerbread Woman. It seems that she too is in trouble with coal-coated Felicia Navidad. She is chasing the living cookie. You try to help, but it only gets worse and you find yourself in a battle with Felicia. Every round, she summons a gingerbread men and cookies until she cannot anymore. Each round, the minions will automatically get one hundred health max though. Felicia sacrifices them, and make new ones. The cookies are for Santa...and contain coal in them.
Bad things will happen if you "break her cookies" because then she "cannot give imperfect cookies to her husband." For each minion (cookie) you destroy, she will take all of your positive wards and defend herself and her cookies. If everyone on her team does not get a shield of some kind, then she will heal them all and damage 1/5 of your current health.
To win, you must defeat Felicia, then you can kill the cookie minions. After the battle is won, she will tell you that (she is sorry) and that a green monster sprinkled black dust on her, then she forgot everything...suspicious. She sees you as worthy and send you to see Santa himself.
You find Felix Navidad and he is not happy. He wanted to see his wonderful wife with his "wonderful" cookies...but he is angry that he finds you...without his wonderful cookies. He sets down his drinking cup. Inside, you see eggnog with some black dots mixed in it....very suspicious. WIthout any thinking or decision, Felix forces you into a duel.
his is possibly the hardest duel of the dungeon. There are 4 round intervals. On each on, players are only allowed to cast one type of spell. R1-Charms only. R2-Wards only. R3-Attack only. R4-Heal only. (Pet maycasts do not apply). You may ONLY casts those type of spells (both negative or positive) ONLY on those arounds. If you do,....Felix can do many things. If you cast a charm on the wrong round, he will steal it (if positive) or give it back to you (if negative). If you cast a ward on the wrong round, he can steal positive ones and give back negative ones. If you attack on the wrong round...then he will attack you. If you heal incorrectly, he will heal himself and deal damage to you. Of all the incorrect things you do, you will receive a one round stun as well.
It will be a long hard battle. After you defeat him he will be good once more. Unlike the others, he has the power to remember the events with the coal dust. He tells you the history of coal, and how powerful it is. He tells you to go seek out the Lump of Coal...and defea him before he causes anymore damage. He also tells you that a green creature was the one that spinkled the dust on him and to find him too... Felix sends everyone back to work...for he had shut down Christmas while the coal was in effect. He made everyone work overtime to get the toys and gifts made. Meanwhile, you go seek out the villians!
Entering the next floor, you are outside at the back of the shop. You turn around and see holiday cheer and happiness all around. You turn back and see the mountain. There is a little door, and you decide to enter it...going into the next floor.
You find the Grinch and Lump of Coal working together. They stop doing whatever and start talking to you. They explain that they plan on taking over the Spiral by using the giant coal dust machine! You finally notice what it is. It is a machine as big as the mountain with many gears and parts to it...it must have been in camouflage. 
You dare them into a fight. Lumpy sends the Grinch to battle you. Just him, without Lumpy. The Coal tries to hurry and finish the machine.
Grinch has an interesting cheat. First round, he duplicates himself. So his minions...are him. You must face four of him. But even more interesting, the GrinchES cast the same spells. So if big boss Grinch casts a blade on himself, the other three will follow. If he attacks, they all attack.
You must kill the minions first. If you try to hit him, he will Vampire the attacker. The vampire does about 1000 damage and he DOES healed. If you multi-attack, the minions will be damaged but not him. For each minion you kill, you will see that his heart grows. You DO see a tiny red dot when you start the battle. When you finally kill the last minion, the Grinch will turn from evil to good. 
Lump of Coal sees this and joins the battle in disgust of the Grinch's weakness. Somehow, Grinch manages to switch to your side as your minion. He is able to cast spells outside of the duel circle. Because his heart is so big now, he casts life heals for the team. 
Lumpy's minion are Coal Dust. Each four rounds, the entire team will be beguiled when anyone attacks at all, or heals. To avoid this, players must attack the SAME ROUND or heal the SAME ROUND. Wards and Charms do NOT apply to this. Lumpy will always interrupt every round and cast a -60% tower shield on himself. To remove this, you must PIerce, Shatter, or kill off all of the Coal dust. Those are all of his cheats.
Once you complete the dungeon, you will travel back to the workshop, and be congratulated by everyone. Santa will even give everyone an exclusive gift! You exit by riding the raindeers back to the place you were before (the Hub of a world).
4th Place: Logan Mistspear
The ChristMoooose Gauntlet is a Christmas Themed Housing Gauntlet
First floor as it follows: 2 Corrupted Reindeer Minions Storm and Death, 2 Santa Elves Minions
Second floor: 3 Evil Toys Minions. Schools are Life, Shadow and Myth school. 

Third Floor is a Wisps floor.

Fourth floor is a Toy Train Gathering Puzzle. If the Wizard fails to solve it. 2 Corrupted Santa Deer Knights will be summoned.

Fifth Floor is a 3 Bosses fight. They're Santa Claus's Assistants. Storm Elf, Life Elf and Fire Elf. 

Life Elf will cast 1000 Rebirth version when the Fire or Storm Elf are getting a hit.
Storm Elf will cast all friends version of Healing Current when Life or Fire Elf are getting a hit. Also he is going to cast Insane Bolt version with 2000 Damage on a Random Wizard after the Healing Current Cheat.

Fire Elf will cast Smoke Screen and Raging Bull if Storm and Life Elf are getting a hit

Sixth Floor: Final Floor with 2 Bosses, and 2 Minions

Santa Claus and Santa Knight are bosses Santa Claus is Ice school and Santa Knight is Shadow school, 2 Corrupted Reindeer life minions.
Cheats: Santa Claus will use Ice Knight deals 560 Damage every 3 turn with a Taunt. 
Once a Wizard is using a Healing card, Santa Claus uses a 60% version of Infection
If Santa Knight gets defeated First, Santa Claus is going to use a full pips version of Frozen Armor Absorb
Once Santa Claus goes down and Santa Knight is still Alive, Santa Knight is going to use a Natural Attack version of him on all of the wizards every 3 rounds.
Storyline: Santa Claus is gathering Christmas Presents with his Elves to prepare and bring happiness to the Wizards of the Spiral, Until his Assistant, Santa Knight found a dark amulet on his way to the Factory. But once he decided to see it, The Amulet corrupted Santa Knight's Soul. And Santa Knight corrupted Santa Claus and every elf in the Factory. Will you break the curse of this Amulet so Santa Claus can go on his Reindeer and give the present to every wizard in the spiral?

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Tis the Season!

Hello Wizards!
    Tis the Season to be Jolly! Felix Navidad has arrived back in the Spiral and the festive spirit is in the air everywhere in Wizard City! He has brought all of his usual goods and plenty of holiday things have magically appeared back in the Crown Shop. There is bound to be more surprises this month like the annual Charity Mount! Wonder what that could be....
    To start off this month with a bang, lets get to some Contests! Felix Navidad has a bunch of goodies in his magical bag that never runs out of space and needs your help. He wants you to make a new Santa's Workshop! Yes that right, create your own version of a Santa's Workshop Dungeon. :) Come up with mobs/puzzles/bosses/floors/cheats etc! Email your entry to johnnycentral1@cox.net (Please get your parents permission first if your under the age of 13.) The Deadline for this Contest is 12/12/15 at midnight! :)
    Secondly we will be giving away some prizes via Rafflecopter! So check out all the details below and try your luck! I hope everyone has a Fantastic Holiday Season! :) See you around the Spiral Peeps.
Santa's Workshop Contest
1st Place: 10k Crowns, Reindeer Mount
2nd Place: 5k Crowns, Polar Fox Pet
3rd Place: Polar Fox Pet, 1 Random School Jewel Pack
4th Place: 1 Random School Jewel Pack
Twitter Giveaway
Keep an eye out on my Twitter (@Jcentral1) I will be holding some random giveaways at mostly random times!
Rafflecopter Giveaway

Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Butterfly Effect!

Hello Wizards!
    I have been playing a couple of new games and they all have a new genre of gaming. It all revolves around the Butterfly Effect, and what YOU decide to do later effects what happens in the game. This aspect of gaming makes you more immersed into the storyline and I really think that having this in Wiz would really make questing more unique and fun! I decided to do a quick graphic of an example.
    Say you are questing and you meet a quest giver NPC. He then asks you a question, you answer what you want, but remember it will change your path. For example if you pick one way and your friend picks another, you may be on a different quest. Below you can see the example of what happens when you pick a certain choice.
    You see if you pick a certain choice, it sends you on a different quest path but ultimately it will end up meeting back up at the same destination. This would be a pretty neat addition if they have the resources/time to do. That way you feel more involved in the storyline. YOUR decisions would matter and effect the storyline. One choice may be better XP/Reward wise than the other, and not knowing the outcome is kinda fun! *The above ex is just 1 quest example, but they could be a lot longer like 4-5 quests before meeting back up at the same goal.*
What do you all think? You like it or no?
See you around the Spiral! :) 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Rise and Destroy has Released!

Hello all!
    Earlier today, Kingsisle officially released their new Mobile Game, Rise and Destroy! It is now available to be downloaded worldwide here. (For iOS, Android, and Amazon) Rise and Destroy is all about the evil humans stealing all of the monsters energy from their cavern. You take the role as the Monsters and get back that energy and unlock your other monster friends locked up in certain levels from the baddies!

    There are also boss battle levels to test your skills. To play a level you have to have energy (hearts). Your energy will also refill over time if you stop playing or take a break. Jewels allow you to buy things from the in-game shop. You also collect gold throughout levels and also by visiting (clicking on) old cities you have conquered. You can click on a city multiple times throughout the day/week when the timer is filled. So make sure to save up your gold to level up your Cave Machines which will power up your Monsters to take on the harder levels.
    So which will be your favorite monster to play as? Above are just some of the crazy creatures you can destroy with! Each have unique and different powers to help you get your precious energy back to the Cavern. My favorite at the moment is Brimstone the Dragon! Make sure to tune into a special KI Live tomorrow November 4th as Tom, Leala, and Julia celebrate the release of Rise & Destroy! You can watch it here at 4 PM CST.
See ya all then! Big Congrats to KI on releasing another epic Mobile Game!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Test Realm is Open!

Hello Wizards!
    Big news has come to the Spiral! The Icy world of Polaris has been released to the Test Realm for all of us to try out before it comes to the Live Realm. Above is just few of the characters you can meet there. I finished it the other day and I have to say, this is one of my favorite worlds. The Storyline and Characters are so funny/quirky.
    There are many twists and turns during this 3rd Arc of Wizard101, including right when you start the Polaris Quest...You graduate from Ravenwood! When I first learned of this I got a nostalgic feeling from when I first started playing the game. It feels like such a long time ago, 8 years I started playing and now we are graduating? Its such a cool accomplishment, but sad at the same time we wont be seeing our old teachers anymore.
    I wont spoil anymore of the storyline, but will just leave you with this picture below! ;) I hope you all have a great time exploring and testing out the new additions to the game. For the FULL Update notes please visit the main Wizard101 site.
See you around the Spiral!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Got a lot of these hanging around?

Hello Wizards!
    I think at one point or another we have all had lots of these Trophies cluttering our bags or scattered around our houses... I also believe at one point or another a lot of us tried farming the one shot bosses for a certain item and didn't get it after many tries.
    After each One Shot Boss Gauntlet, the person who placed it in their house receives a Trophy after the dungeon. Most people just trash them or feed them to their pets for little gold and snacks/reagents. Seems like a Waste right? After farming the Krokopatra one multiple times trying for my Ice Wizards Hat, I thought of an idea. Below are just some of my collection from farming Krokopatra Exalted... 3 Myth perm mounts and 1 Fire perm mount including multiple pages of her staffs. Not to mention countless times I saw the hat icon pop up and got super excited just to be let down that it was her "all classes hat" version royal fez. 4 of those bad boys.
    After researching her confirmed drop table in the Wiki, you have 1/15 chance at getting the item you want. Slim odds, especially re-rolling every new try. Yes this is easier than going through the Graveyard and facing Darkmoor Malistaire, but you have a much better chance of snagging his gear, especially with the 2 rolls at his drop table you get.
    So after farming countless times I thought it would be a neat idea if we could actually use these excessive trophies for something useful and not let them go to waste! After you defeat the one shot boss, a Trophy Hunter NPC will appear near the back of the room behind the chest. If you have trophies in your bag from this bosses dungeon, you can trade him them for a certain item you do not have but desire!
    Find the Item you want in the bosses drop table, and see how many Trophies the Hunter wants for it. If you have enough, click the Trade Button and you receive the Item you want! Now some may be thinking "Well this is too easy". No its really not if you think about it. The only person who receives the Trophy is the house owner, everyone else doesn't get it. So you only get the Trophy by going out farming for the gauntlets or purchasing them via the crown shop for 500 crowns each.
    This is a win win situation in my eyes, and Im pretty shocked Kingsisle hasn't thought of this as the Trophies just end up getting trashed or fed to our pets for little to nothing! Thoughts?? Thanks for reading!
See you in the Spiral! ;)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Jewel Crafter's Bundle!

Hello Wizards!
    Kingsisle has released a new Bundle by the name of "Jewel Crafter's"! You can find this shiny bundle located at Gamestop's across the Country. It just released so you may want to call first and see if your location's store has received some before making the trip! It is a $29 bundle similar to the Mystic Fishing Bundle and Atlantean Bundle! (Big thank you to Swordroll and Tasha [@Tkgib] for allowing me to take pics!)
    What is in this Sparkling Bundle you may ask? It comes jam packed with the Bountiful Mine Housing Item which you can place anywhere in your house and enter to get a daily reward! A Crystal Unicorn Mount that gives the regular 40% Speed, but brand new also it gives +2% accuracy to your stats! Interesting right? It is also dyable so color it to your hearts desire. Next is the Crystal Butterfly Pet, it has to be one of the most beautiful pets in game imo! You can dye it as well. Finally the Shard Warrior's Armor Set and Weapon which is all dyable. Plus the 5000 crowns or 1 month sub!
    Below I'll add in the renders I did for this bundle, ya'll can use them however you want. :) Have a wonderful day in the Spiral and stay tuned because we have a Spooktacular contest coming soon!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

New Teaser!

Hello Wizards!
    A new picture has been found and added to the Teaser Page of Polaris over on Wizard101.com! Wow actual In-game models are now being shown! That background in the sky looks beautiful, cannot wait to see more of Polaris!! Wish I could jump into the pic like Mario 64! Make sure to keep an eye out because more will most likely be popping up soon! I wonder what we will see next?
    Get your bags ready, because I'm sure the adventure in Polaris will probably be happening in the near future! See ya'll in the Spiral

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Halloween Is Back!

Hello Wizards!
    Earlier today, Kingsisle packed away all of the birthday celebrations, and Halloween is back in the Spiral! The ancient Halloween Tower has returned to Ravenwood where the Death School ripped apart from Ravenwood for all of you to farm for Halloween Goodies. Spooky Bob and Jack Hallow are both back with their Halloween friends all over Wizard City as well!
    They stocked the Crown Shop with 2 new spooky costumes for us to enjoy this month! The Mummy and Vampire Costume Sets are available for 2500 Crowns each. You can also Farm the usual baddies of the Spiral to try and get separate pieces! (Jade Oni, Nightshade, etc.) You also want to stop by Dworgyn in Nightside for a Spooktacular Quest that will embark you on an adventure to stop the Evil Nosferabbit!
    Keep an eye out for the rest of the month, as the Halloween Packs will most likely be returning to the Crowns Shop. The Last teaser from the mysterious sender has fallen! Here is the new view! We know which world we will be visiting next on Wizards! "Welcome to Polaris!" Hehe Emperor Napoleguin here we come! ^o^
    They even put a new teaser on the Newsletter, what do you think it is? My guess is that its a classroom in Polaris somewhere that we could possibly learn new magic! Cannot wait to explore this new world! Penguins for the win!!
    I hope you all enjoy the rest of the night, and start of October! What will you be for Halloween in the Spiral? A witch or warlock? Maybe the new Mummy or Vampire? :)


Hello Wizards!
    Emperor Napoleguin has left back to Polaris, but he has left the prizes we promised to give out after reviewing your entries for the Cheating Boss contest! We looked over all of them and chose 5 lucky winners! They were all very unique, thank you for taking the time to enter. I wish we could give you all crowns, loved them so much. Now lets start shall we?
(Credit to Evil-Witch-Inside-Me on deviant art)
Winner: Abbie Lancaster
Boss: Aαγαπώ (based off Greek word for love)
Rank 14 (Valentines Day Boss Event)
Health: 30,000 School: Death
The Story of this boss is that it hates love and couples.
When you enter the battle-
-Enter alone, it casts an absorb on itself.
-Enter with 2, it cuts half of each of your health and says "You won't need this since you have each other!"
-Enter with 3, it takes 1/3 of each of your health. Repeats same chant as 2.
-Enter with 4, it takes 1/4 of each of your health. Repeats same chant.
Aαγαπώ out of turn casts a doom and gloom that gives -80% heals anytime a different global spell is cast.
If you heal anyone but yourself (pet casts don't count), Aαγαπώ will steal half of your health and say "Awe, aren't you sweet? Can I have some love?"
Winner: Brand Ghostspear
Boss: Trevor Whitetail
Ice/Shadow Boss who looks like a Polar Bear
For the area the wizard is fighting Trevor Whitetail at, he is in a warship filled with treasure and Trevor Whitetail standing in the middle of the room with 3 other polar bear soldier planning to steal the treasure. Here are the list of 5 cheats.
1.) Every 3 rounds, Trevor Whitetail says, "Is it cold in here or is it just you?" and casts freeze on random wizard.

2.) Whenever the wizard gets a heal over time, the boss says, "Is that for me? Why, thank you." And he casts Snow Drift on the target wizard that has heal over time.

3.) Every 5 rounds, the boss says, "You wizards are up to no good. Time to plan defensive." And casts a -75% tower shield on himself.

4.) Whenever the boss gets hit, the boss says, "We shall see what Woolly Mammoth has to say about that!" And casts Woolly Mammoth on target wizard that casted a damage spell on the boss.(pet may cast hit also triggers this cheat)

5.) Whenever the wizard traps the boss, the boss says, "Your trap is now my frozen shield." And casts cleanse ward, then cast -75% shield on himself. (casting elemental trap, spirt trap, etc makes him remove only one of the trap)
Winner: Blaze Firebreath
Boss: The Shapeshifter
Shadow School Boss
Shapeshifter Cheat Details:
   • "All my friends are dead! Now it's your turn!"
      • Must be fought alone, 1 on 1. Minions and henchman will facetank a 25,000 Spinysaur the first round they enter the fight.
 • "Your power turns on you!"
      • Copies wizard's exact stats (Health+1000), excluding their pet.
      • Any spell the wizard casts (including may-casts & pet spells) , Shapeshifter casts first for zero pips.
      • Shapeshifter always passes on its real turn.
• "RNGesus has no power here!"
      • Before its first turn, and immediately after ANY other bubble is cast, Shapeshifter cheat casts a 0-pip, -200% Critical bubble with some extra effects.
      • For spells that deal a range of damage (firecat,imp,etc.), the same number is applied to both the wizard's and Shapeshifter's casts.
      • Similarly, Shapeshifter will only fizzle if you are about to fizzle (dispels are the exception to this rule.)
 I know at first glance, this seems broken. But here's a few quirks and tips I'd like to explain as to why this could be playable:
   • Bad Juju+anything with damage will cause the wizard to clear the debuff, but Shapeshifter will have it for his damage cast. Similar spell combos exist, this is just the obvious example.
   • Because he cheat casts before the wizard, not on his turn, auras/polymorphs will behave strangely. Either giving him and extra or a lost round on it, I honestly don't know how the game handles this situation.
   • Pets are the only 'free' stats here. Shapeshifter has the extra 1,000 health to counter this a bit, but pets can make it so 1,000 just isn't enough.
   • Dispels and bubbles are a waste of turns/pips. Not worth the bother.
Winner: Logan Mistspear
Boss: Zane Shadowdrainer
Shadow School Boss
This boss is a Shadow School boss with a Mastery to death and life schools
In the beginning of the first round,  The boss uses Shadowblade 50% enhanced version and summons a spell called the basilisk of the king can deal 1800 damage all enemies.
Once the wizard decides to use stun, The boss will immune and defend himself with 125% Block and stun rating conviction.
If the wizard tried to beguile the boss, The boss will immune and react with a 5000 rebirth.
Every 5 rounds, The Boss will cast a shadow form called The Dragon's Kiss, The boss goes in the middle of combat circle, them starts to fly and deal 500 universal damage and puts a 300% locked feint (unlocks after passing 10 RDS)
Once the feint goes unlocked, The boss is going to say the following (Weakness hides behind strength) and the boss will use a shadow spell called Mind Weakner. Reduces 50% of the wizards damage and puts a 100% Balance blade on a Random wizard.

When the wizard tries to hit the boss, The boss will say the following (You're following your own path, But Shadow will remain Cold!) And Summons a Mirage Warrior with 180,000 health to boost the boss with healing and the boss will be hidden (Showing but you won't be able to hit him for 2 rounds) and the boss will be completely stunned in the same 2 RDS while he's hidden, The boss won't attack you or do anything.
The Mirage Warrior will get destroyed after healing the boss for 2 RDS after being summoned by sacrificing his health and restoring 10% of the boss's health.
The boss is going to say (The taste of life fuels my shadow) he will be revealed again and losing 50% of his resistance and getting a 10% Damage boost
The boss can use Deer knight and Shadow Deer Knight deals 230 damage when the wizard decides to use curse trap or smoke screen.
Winner: Brandon Owlsword
Boss: Similar to Freddy Nine Lifes Concept
My idea for a cheating boss concept is having progressively harder bosses arrive in the battle as the battle goes on. This would be similar to the Freddie Nine Lives in Marleybone as he respawns so many times, but the creature would get both stronger and come into the battle rather than letting the wizard get health and regroup themselves. An added challenge to this is that depending on how long the battle takes is how much health the creature will have. Such as, if it has taken someone 5 minutes so far, the creature will have 50,000 or something health, so speed is a must in the battle, but still leaves AFK players a chance with a max cap on the amount of health the boss can have. This would acquire the attention of very serious and tentative players, but also show some light to those on the other side of the spectrum.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Before I take my Leave....

Hello Wizards!
    Emperor Napoleguin is taking his departure to Polaris soon now that his soldiers have all been found by the helps of you! He has one more task for anyone who is up for it! As you may or may not know, Napoleguin is a War genius and comes up with master plans on how to obtain his goal. He has tons of treasures and valuables back in Polaris that he doesn't want anyone getting their hands on.
    Your task is to come up with your own cheating boss to give him ideas on how he can guard his treasures back home! I came up with one yesterday as an example. You can draw it out and explain, or just explain it in a paragraph! You must send your entries to johnnycentral1@cox.net (Please get parents/guardians permission if you are younger than 13 before sending) Below you will see my example of a cheating boss!
    Prizes you ask? Emperor Napoleguin has a bunch of crowns left over to give out! A total of 5 winners will be chosen. Below are the prizes!
(2) 10,000 Crowns
(3) 5,000 Crowns
    And Ill even throw in some Zocalo Tapestry's I have left over! Emperor Napoleguin cannot wait to see what you peeps come up with! Think of something original and unique that hasn't been in game yet!! The deadline to enter is Wednesday, September 30th! Good luck :D!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Emperor has arrived!

Hello Wizards!
    Emperor Napoleguin the mysterious visitor who left us a message yesterday has finally arrived. He tells us he is the Emperor of Polaris, an Icy Tundra world within the Spiral. Why is he here instead of there? I'll let him explain.
    Is anybody going to help me around here or not? You Nincompoop , yes you, why hasn't anyone found my hat yet? My troops? You want to know why I am not in Polaris? I was betrayed, abandoned by my soldiers and the people of Polaris. Sent off to a maximum prison, Fort Elena by those rabid Marleybonian dogs.
    Stop asking so many questions you inconsiderate dolt! How did I escape you say? That silly Catbeard hired a pirate to break me out of that vile prison. I am now on my way back to Polaris, well before I ended up here lost my precious hat and troops. I want to go home already so if you want to help me find my belongings I will be out of here as fast as you can say Penguin.
    Whoever can help me find my incompetent troops will receive a generous 1000 Crowns for each troop. There are 10 of my army missing around these lands. Find it and click to receive your prize. Each day for the next 10 days one will appear somewhere on Wizards of the Spiral. (At 5:00 PM Eastern)
    That is what they look like. I'll keep track of the soldiers in the chart below with the date and times. There will be more opportunities to win crowns you silly dolt, later in the week before I departure from this retched place and return to my glorious throne in Polaris. Now I demand some hot tea!
September 10th, 5:00 PM Eastern : FOUND!
September 11th, 5:00 PM Eastern: FOUND!
September 12th, 5:00 PM Eastern: FOUND!
September 13th, 5:00 PM Eastern: FOUND!
September 14th, 5:00 PM Eastern: FOUND!
September 15th, 5:00 PM Eastern: FOUND!
September 16th, 5:00 PM Eastern: FOUND!
September 17th, 5:00 PM Eastern: FOUND!
September 18th, 5:00 PM Eastern: FOUND!
September 19th, 5:00 PM Eastern: Hidden!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Mystery Letter!

Hello Wizards!
    Earlier today we received a mysterious letter near our Spiral Door.  Lets open it up and find out what's inside!!
    Wow! Who is this Emperor Napoleguin? He is talking about one of the worlds we have never been to before, but have heard of! Lets wait and see if he shows up, the letter did just appear. What could he need help with and what does he want? Keep an eye out to see if this Napoleguin stops by Wizards of the Spiral!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Happy Birthday Wizard101!

Hello Wizards!
    Today is Wizard101's 7th Birthday!! 7 Years old! Wow... feels like yesterday Ambrose opened the gates to Ravenwood for us to learn the magical arts and save the Spiral! Starting today to September 8th, join Kingsisle for a week of birthday celebrations!
    First you should check out the Crown Shop since they have added a couple of new Items to celebrate. My favorite is the new Party Corgi pet. It comes with a Sharpen Blade Card starting at teen. Pretty neat. Then we have the usual party supplies, like festive tables, magical cake, birthday chairs and much more!
    Secondly, Kingsisle has brought back BOTH of the events! Yep thats right, this is the first time ever that both the Lost Pages Event AND the B.O.X events have ran at the same time. If you want to collect the badges or other goodies make sure to pick up the quests! They even teased they added the Skeletal Dragon Perm Mount to the Lost Pages Bosses!
    The biggest surprise is that they have activated ALL of the Member Benefits at the same time!!! Yep thats right, if you become a member or already are a member during the celebration week, you get Double Pet XP, Double Gardening Rewards, Free PVP Tournaments, AND Free Training Point Reversals!
    Finally is a present! Click the button below to receive your presents from Kingsisle and Wizard101! It comes with a bunch of goodies including a brand new pet! This will be invalid on September 30th so remember to get it before then! Go on click it!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Throwback Thursday!

Hello Wizards!
    For a special one day sale only, Kingsisle has put some of the retired and old bundle houses into the crown shop for everyone who missed out back then! The Massive Fantasy Palace, Sultans Palace, Sun Palace, Winter Winds Tower, and the Pyramid of the Lost Horizon is 30% off for today only! (August 27th)
   To read more about this special deal, click here to return to the main site! See you all in the Spiral peeps!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Kirin's Hoard Pack Retiring!

Hello Wizards!
    It has come to our attention from Wizard101 that the Kirin's Hoard Pack is being locked away in the W101 Vault and being retired. If you want to open some of them before it vanishes from the Crown Shop, its 50% off! Great deal you do not want to miss! To read more about the pack click here to be brought to the main site.
    You have till August 23rd at 11:59pm US Central Time to purchase some before it joins it joins the Dragons Hoard pack in the vault.
See you around the Spiral peeps!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Ultra Update!

Hello Wizards!
    Wizard101 has recently updated the Live Realm with updates that were tested on the Test Realm the past few weeks. They dubbed it "The Ultra Summer". Above you can see one of the new things you can do. They are called Ultra Gauntlets. Visit your old arch nemesis's and score some ultra loot! Each Ultra Gauntlet is categorized by level (Master, Archmage, Exalted) and is 500 crowns each in the Crown Shop. These fun challenges are also dropped by Bosses throughout the Spiral, so you can collect them instead of buying if you want to try for them.
    Next are the awesome New School Mounts! These bad boys can be obtained by crafting AND dropped in the new ultra gauntlets above. There is one for each school, above are the ones I crafted because they are my favorites!

    For Gardeners, The Wiz Developers put in a new Housing Item that lets you store your Seeds in it! Great for making Backpack Space. You can either buy the Seed Vault in the Crown Shop, or you can visit Mooshu Crafter Toshio for the Recipe. Above is the Reagents/TC you need. I'll definitely be picking up one or two for my EMP's!
    For Fishing fans, they added in a bunch of new fish in the world of Celestia! So get out your fishing gear, otter pet, and start collecting! There are plenty to find in the new collection added.
    Finally the last big update was Ultra Pets! If you have a Mega pet you can not continue to train it to level Ultra. When one of your pets reach Ultra level you gain a free random Pet Jewel. You can collect Pet Jewels by boss drops, mob drops, Purreau's Pet pack, and even crafting! Above is an example with my Storm pet Bentley. I farmed Jade Oni a couple of times and was lucky enough for him to drop a Storm Giver Amethyst. My Storm Pet I worked on didn't get Storm Giver when training, so this was perfect to add to him.
    If you would like to read more about the new Ultra update, check out the update page on Wizards Main Site. Hope you all are having a wonderful Summer! See you in the Spiral peeps!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Captain Seabelle is visiting!

Hello Wizards!
    Earlier today one of the most infamous pirates visited! Captain Seabelle has sailed the skyways and visited many worlds throughout the Spiral. To celebrate Shark Week he is giving away Crowns and even Swift Shark Mounts! If you are interested in how to win, keep reading!
    He will be giving away 5 Permanent Swift Sharks and a total of 20,000 crowns, (x4 5000 crown codes) If you want a chance to win, simply leave a comment on this post with a shark idea you would like to see in Wizard101. (From a new pet, to a new mount, Furniture, Spell, anything you can come up with.) On Friday July 10th, I'll pick the winners and send out the Prizes!
    Be sure to leave your email when you comment on the post! (Don't worry I am the only one who can see your emails) Please check out all of the other Wizard101 Fansites as they are giving away prizes for Shark week as well!
Happy Shark Week peeps!