Friday, January 16, 2015

Dream come true!

Hello Wizards!
    I am excited to announce that Wizards of the Spiral has been asked to become an official fansite for Wizard101! This is absolutely a dream come true to me since I have been here since the beginning! I cannot believe I am helping one of my favorite games in the world out!! Congratulations to Adventures of the Spiral as well for becoming an official fansite!! (Sheldon, Sophia, Jason)
    Thought I would share my background story for this post. Back in December of 2008 I remember watching tv since it was snowing out, and an ad for Wizard101 popped up. Ambrose and his trusty sidekick Gamma was in a magical room with their crystal ball. Now I was a big fan of all things Harry Potter during the time, so I hopped on the computer right away and checked it out. Right away I was HOOKED.
    I signed up, and started the test to see which magical school I would end up being in. Ironically I ended up in the Ice School. Out of all the schools, I didn't think I would get that. Went in game and was in complete awe! Ended up at the end of Unicorn Way after 10-20 minutes or so and was about to enter the "Hedge Maze". I remember taking a moment flipping out saying "OH MY GOD A MAZE?!" and ended up going in and seeing just small mazes. xD
    After a while I ended up meeting this other Ice Wizard named Noah and we helped eachother quest through Triton Avenue. Sadly that point in the game was a turning point for us since he wasn't able to get a membership at the time. I still talked to him on and off though! After a couple of weeks I was finally done with Wizard City and was about to enter Krokotopia.
    Before heading there I remember buying Crowns for the first time and visiting Zeke in Olde Town (His old stompin' grounds) before he moved his cart to the Commons. He had the infamous old crown gear as we know it now in his catalog. Once I took  a look at all his cool items like the coat of stormzilla and boots that let you cast darkwynd, I fell in love with the Storm school!
    I decided then I would hang up my thaumaturge shoes and become a diviner! Once I was a decent level on my storm, I headed back to Zeke and made my first crown purchase! Coat of Stormzilla and Darkwynd Boots. Quested up all the way to Krok again and began my adventures in the ancient desert. One of my favorite past times was the old pvp arena before ranked showed up in game. All you had to do was enter the arena and walk right down the ramp and enter the duel circle.
    I met a lot of cool people and we use to practice our spells in the old arena lots of fun times. One day I met a balance wizard called Noah and he was the first high level wizard I met/saw in game. At the time he was level 45. We became good friends and he asked me if I wanted to check out the later worlds that I wasn't already in yet. Of course I basically screamed yes and he brought me to Mooshu!
    Once I saw the amazing atmosphere here I felt like I relived playing the game again for the first time. He brought me to Shirataki Temple dungeon and he help me defeat Plague Oni (Mind you I was only about level 15 at the time) xD Got some good XP and then he gave me some Treasure Cards to help me out.
    After a While I ended up in the middle of Krok and got stuck on one of the Puzzles (Yep I am a noob!) :P So I searched for a guide online. Right then I started my journey on Wizard101Central! One of the members had created a guide for the puzzle I was on and I finally got past it thanks to them. I thought the site was an awesome idea since it had a community of a lot of people who liked the same thing; Wizard101. I decided to sign up and ended up checking it daily when I could.
    Quick shout out to Jester and Olivia for creating W101C, back then without it, I don't think I would have stayed this long playing the game. Their forum had a lot of cool contests and everyone was nice to each other. (One of the contests was where I got my signed Mali Poster from the KI Staff at the time) So glad I got stuck on that puzzle because I don't think I would have ended up finding it if not. A couple weeks/years later I ended up meeting 2 of my best friends on the game questing in Dragonspyre. Gabby and Cass. :)
    We ended up keeping in touch for the next 2-3 years but then they ended up going their separate ways with the game. Lots of Great memories and stuff with them in game. In 2011, I was asked to join W101C as a moderator. Was soo excited and stayed up for the rest of the night when Olivia pmed me studying the mod guides.
    It was a lot of fun, and back then there were lots of awesome mods (steph, kane, jack, cait, paige and much more) One of my fav memories with them was meeting in the Dye shop dressed up in our bunny suits. xD
    In 2012 I was asked to be apart of Pirate101 beta. I thought at this time I would branch out to Twitter and possibly start a blog for Pirate101 when it started up. Thanks to Paige Moonshade, she helped me figure out blogger and all that Jazz! Quickly got the hang of Twitter and blogging and fell in love with it! Addicting if anything. :p
    After P101 came out I had to Juggle playing W101 and P101. They are both so amazing and I thank Kingsisle for creating them so much. My life would prob be so different right now If I hadn't started playing Wizzy its weird to think about. The one thing I love about the Kingsisle Community is for the most part we are very close with eachother and help out when we can. It started from the company themselves. Kiersten Samwell was a great CM for W101 and did ALOT for it.
    Fastfoward a couple of years and now we Have Tom and Leala! Woot woot! They are amazing peeps, and I absolutely love the addition they have started with the KI Live Streams. Very interactive with the community and that is the heart of a Online Video Game in my opinion. Without a great community I don't see me staying to play for a while. I've tried countless other games and none of their communities par up to ours.
    Ok I should stop rambling now... I apologize for any grammatical errors and such, but I am so excited right now!
    Its been one of my goals to become an official fansite for the game that started it all. Thanks again Kingsisle, Tom and Leala! You guys are the best! There are so many great sites out there that I believe should get it too, my advice to them is to keep it up, I didn't think I would be asked and bam I was slapped in the face. So good luck to all and congrats again to Adventures of the Spiral!

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  1. Congrats!!! I am SO thrilled for you. What a wonderful story hearing all about your journey to COMMUNITY LEADER!!!! What a wonder and well deserved thing to happen to you. *Chrissy Hugs* :D