Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Cave of Solitude

Hello Wizards!
    I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! The last time we left off on our adventures through the Spiral, we confronted Warlord Katsumori in his lair within Crimson Fields. After retrieving the Emperors Sword, we return to Hametsu Village with the good news. Shojiro thanks us for all of our help and to return the sword to Jade Palace.
    Before we head back to the Palace, we return to visit Professor Greyrose to learn a new Ice Spell; Balefrost. This global spell powers up all Ice spells until the bubble is changed or the battle is over. Very useful especially with the low attack output from our spells! Once we return to Jade Palace, we return the sword to Tan Keng. He learns that we defeated a Oni demon who took over Warlord Katsumori's soul. He thinks others may have been taken over as well.
    Tan Keng wants us to visit the nearby village of Shoshun Village to see if the healing waters of Mooshu are still pure. When we reach Shoshun, the monk Sun Hing tells us that the waters are in danger. They are no longer pure which means they would not cure the Emperor of his curse. We have to figure out a solution and he says his master Din Ho may know what to do. Din resides in the Cave of Solitude.
    When you enter the Cave of Solitude, pass the roaming spiders and find Din Ho by the Waterfalls near a shack. Be careful of the wondering Krakens and Diseased Spirits there as well. This area may be tricky to explore so be sure to use the teleporter when you unlock them! Din shares his wise wisdom that all problems have solutions.
    There is another Oni roaming Mooshu that has plagued the waters. It destroyed the Jade Scepter that has the power to cleanse the waters. Before he tells us more about him and how we can defeat him, Din wants us to go retrieve one of the broken pieces of the scepter that has been taken by local mutineer's in the forest up ahead.
    After you retrieve the Jade Handle from the Mutineer's, Din tells us he has read more of the ancient text and says that Koto a nearby Ninja Pig has another piece of the scepter. He is one of Plague Oni's minions so he wont give it up easy. Lets go get it back so we can find out how to purify the waters again.

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