Thursday, February 5, 2015

Kishibe Village

Hello Wizards!
    The Last time we left off, we had helped Din Ho restore the Jade Scepter to its full glory in the Cave of Solitude. After collecting the 3 pieces of it and some forest flowers, we placed them all in the brazier near the rock formation to get it back. With it we now will head to Kishibe Village to awaken all of the shrines to weaken the Plague Oni!
    Back in Shoshun Village, Sun Hing thanks Moodha that you have restored the Scepter. He instructs us to follow the path to the left to Kishibe Village and speak with Tu Luk Kwo the caretaker of the holy shrines. Tu Luk asks you to go to the shrines of Body, Mind, and Spirit, and to wave the scepter near to activate them.
    The First Shrine you visit is the Shrine of Body. Inside you will find Khin-Pao. He is complaining about the fever he has from all of the diseased mushrooms around the village. He asks we go destroy a bunch to stop the spread of the fever to everyone who visits. After we complete his request he helps us light the shrine of body with the scepter and his power.
    Once you return to Two Luk, he will now instruct you to visit the Shrine of Mind. Woo Ping is the guardian there. Once inside, you find that it is empty though. Tu Luk thinks that Warlord Katsumori's men have kidnapped him to prevent us from weakening the Plague Oni. One of Katsumori's warlords lives in a tower in this area. Aiuchi the Fire Mage must be the one.
    After defeating Aiuchi, you find Woo Ping in the chamber nearby. He tells you to visit him back at the Shrine of Mind to use the Scepter. Once there you will light the shrine and it will be pure once again! Tu Luk thanks us for all of our help back in the village, but there is one more shrine to light!
    Head to the Spirit Shrine and you will find that the guardian Chang Su is not there. Tu Luk thinks he has left to join the fight with the Mooshu Army. Luk wants to find a new guardian for the final shrine and thinks of a warrior named Sesshu Nedaki.
    Once you approach Sesshu, he thinks you are here to join the battle. He declines the offer to become the guardian of the spirit shrine, and says he is fighting for the Emperor. He asks for your help defeating some of the Defoulers roaming the area. When you return to Luk with the news that Sesshu declined the guardian offer, he wants you to collect some of the stolen village food from the diseased villagers.
    After collecting the food, Luk wants you to bring it to Sesshu. He takes the food but then takes a moment to think and gives it back to you. He doesn't want the villagers to starve. When we return to Luk he distributes the food like normal to the villagers and says that Sesshu is kind and considerate, 2 traits of a goodmonk.
    Next he wants you to ask Sesshu for a sword that one of the villagers need to defense their family. He tells you he will look for one around the post, but says that the rogue Kyuto has a good sword that he stole from the blacksmith. Time to kick some pig butt!

    We end up not finding any swords in Kyuto's dojo. We return to Sesshu and he says to take his good sword and give it to the villager. He found a rusty one but will use that instead since the villager needs the good one more. We bring it back to Luk and he is very happy that Sesshu has passed the tests. Luk wants us to persuade Sesshu one more time to see if he takes the guardian offer.
    Sesshu is surprised that he was being tested, but agrees that he would make a great monk. He decides to take the offer especially if it helps the Emperor. He tells us to meet him inside the Shrine of Spirit. Inside we use the Jade Scepter and Sesshu's power to light the final Shrine! With all 3 shrines lit now, the Plague Oni is weakened. We can now confront him.
Until Then! See you all in the Spiral!

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