Wednesday, February 11, 2015

New Valentine Items!

Hello Wizards!
    Valentina is back for the Friendship Festival in Wizard City! As always, she has her holiday goodies that she is selling in the Shopping District. This year she has some new Items in the Crown Shop. Make sure to go check them out before the festival ends if you want to add them to your collection.
    Up first is the Friendship Balloons. You can purchase them for 100 Crowns OR 500 gold. Next is one of the coolest housing items in my opinion, the Friendship Teddy Bear! You can purchase this for 1000 Crowns OR 5000 Gold. Finally we have the Soaring Heart Wings!
    You can purchase these awesome wings for 4500 Crowns! They are only available for the duration of the Friendship Festival so if you are interested in them, make sure you get them before Valentina leaves! So will you guys be getting any of these? I already got a bunch of the Balloons and Bears, debating on getting the wings or not, more of a female wizards mount in my opinion.
See ya around the Spiral!

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