Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Restoring the Jade Scepter!

Hello Wizards!
    Last time we left off on our icy adventure, we retrieved 2 pieces of the Jade Scepter for Din Ho in the Cave of Solitude. We need the final piece to continue our adventure. Off we go!
    After bringing the 2 pieces back to Din Ho, he tells us he doesn't know where the final piece is but that he has read in the ancient scripts that the people of Plague Oni live in huts around the Cave of Solitude. After searching all of the huts, all of them were traps. No scepter piece is found. Din Ho says there is only one more hut near Bina Hoa the sheep past the hills.

    We find out that Kanago has the Jade Scepter headpiece in his pagoda. We defeat him and now have all of the Scepter together. Bring it back to Din Ho and find out how to repair it to use its power. Din tells us that in the ancient stories, the Jade Scepter was blessed by Forest spirits. The first step is to find 3 types of flowers around the Cave.
    The Jade Lotus, Tiger Lily, and Pearl Orchid can be all found scattered in different parts of the area. Once you have collected one of each, bring them back to Din. The Forest spirits will be pleased with your offering. He instructs you to bring the flowers and pieces of the scepter to the brazier in the middle of the rock formations. Throw everything in and voila!
    Once the restored Jade scepter is in your possession, return to Din Ho. He thanks you for all of your help and is surprised that we have returned the Scepter into its full power, especially with it being broken into pieces just moments ago. Our next step in weakening the Plague Oni is to visit Kishibe Village. With the Scepter if we visit the shrines there, we can light them to help us.
Until then, see you in the Spiral!

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