Saturday, March 28, 2015

Test Realm!

Hello Wizards!
    On Wednesday, March 25th, Kingsisle opened up the Test Realm on Wizard101 to test out some new additions to the game. It is a very unique and interesting update so make sure to check out all of the details here on the main site. I'll do a quick recap of some of the things I tested out last week, and will continue the recap later this week when they open TR back up!

    I am really interested at how using Jewels on our gear will impact the game once this update hits live realm! The few Jewels I found on Test were pretty cool, I recall getting one fire gem that increased the critical rate of your spells. The most fun jewels that players will get in my opinion are the ones that gives your wizards spells. I also really like how they allow you to open locked slots by either crowns OR farming for socket wrenches from bosses.

    Another fun update on the test servers at the moment is the new "One shot dungeons". They basically explained that it is like a hoard pack, but interactive instead. So you are still "rolling for gear" but you have to earn it via the dungeon. I personally tested this the most and found it very fun and cannot wait to see more they make in the future! The storylines are quirky and fun, especially the 2 they released.
    There is a lot more updates that I didnt get to test yet, like the new lava fishing in Dragonspyre which seems like a lot of fun! Will definitely be checking out that and more of the Wysteria Dungeon too!

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