Sunday, May 31, 2015

New Bundle!

Hello Wizards!
    Tomorrow, June 1st, Kingsisle is releasing their newest bundle to Game Stops around the US! Remember that Arcane Builder's Bundle they added a while back, where it gave you unique building block pieces to create your own house or buildings? Well this is just like that but you get Aztecan themed pieces. This one is definitely for the Housing lovers :)
    You also get a unique looking Feathered Raptor Mount as seen above, and the ticked off Toucan't Pet. xD For Gear, you get some nice looking Aztecan "Wild Wing" Gear. Looks like Aztecan royalty mixed with some Bird artifacts. Then of course the 1 month or 5000 Crowns bonus that you get to choose. (Big Thanks to Kelsey Fireheart for letting me take some pics)
    Lets not forget about the Amazing "Sandbox" area you get to build with your blocks! This time you are given a wonderful Aztecan Getaway that has the amazing view of impeding Xibalba in the background with secret nooks to venture deeper into its Sacred woods. As you know the blocks it comes with are already assembled when you redeem the house. The First building you see was created by Paige Moonshade, when one of the developers asked her to whip something up with the blocks he gave her.
    If you enter the secret tunnel near the Waterfall, you will enter the inner woods of the housing area. This area also has a premade house with the building blocks by Amber Unicornflower, GaryScottSmith2's Daughter! Gary is a Senior Software Engineer at KI. Both Paige and Amber did a really good job with the buildings they made! Awesome job guys! One last thing is that the house comes with these cool fountains that you can customize with the school symbols.
Remember to check out Gamestop starting tomorrow for this bundle.
See ya'll around the Spiral!

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