Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Ultra Update!

Hello Wizards!
    Wizard101 has recently updated the Live Realm with updates that were tested on the Test Realm the past few weeks. They dubbed it "The Ultra Summer". Above you can see one of the new things you can do. They are called Ultra Gauntlets. Visit your old arch nemesis's and score some ultra loot! Each Ultra Gauntlet is categorized by level (Master, Archmage, Exalted) and is 500 crowns each in the Crown Shop. These fun challenges are also dropped by Bosses throughout the Spiral, so you can collect them instead of buying if you want to try for them.
    Next are the awesome New School Mounts! These bad boys can be obtained by crafting AND dropped in the new ultra gauntlets above. There is one for each school, above are the ones I crafted because they are my favorites!

    For Gardeners, The Wiz Developers put in a new Housing Item that lets you store your Seeds in it! Great for making Backpack Space. You can either buy the Seed Vault in the Crown Shop, or you can visit Mooshu Crafter Toshio for the Recipe. Above is the Reagents/TC you need. I'll definitely be picking up one or two for my EMP's!
    For Fishing fans, they added in a bunch of new fish in the world of Celestia! So get out your fishing gear, otter pet, and start collecting! There are plenty to find in the new collection added.
    Finally the last big update was Ultra Pets! If you have a Mega pet you can not continue to train it to level Ultra. When one of your pets reach Ultra level you gain a free random Pet Jewel. You can collect Pet Jewels by boss drops, mob drops, Purreau's Pet pack, and even crafting! Above is an example with my Storm pet Bentley. I farmed Jade Oni a couple of times and was lucky enough for him to drop a Storm Giver Amethyst. My Storm Pet I worked on didn't get Storm Giver when training, so this was perfect to add to him.
    If you would like to read more about the new Ultra update, check out the update page on Wizards Main Site. Hope you all are having a wonderful Summer! See you in the Spiral peeps!

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