Friday, September 25, 2015

Before I take my Leave....

Hello Wizards!
    Emperor Napoleguin is taking his departure to Polaris soon now that his soldiers have all been found by the helps of you! He has one more task for anyone who is up for it! As you may or may not know, Napoleguin is a War genius and comes up with master plans on how to obtain his goal. He has tons of treasures and valuables back in Polaris that he doesn't want anyone getting their hands on.
    Your task is to come up with your own cheating boss to give him ideas on how he can guard his treasures back home! I came up with one yesterday as an example. You can draw it out and explain, or just explain it in a paragraph! You must send your entries to (Please get parents/guardians permission if you are younger than 13 before sending) Below you will see my example of a cheating boss!
    Prizes you ask? Emperor Napoleguin has a bunch of crowns left over to give out! A total of 5 winners will be chosen. Below are the prizes!
(2) 10,000 Crowns
(3) 5,000 Crowns
    And Ill even throw in some Zocalo Tapestry's I have left over! Emperor Napoleguin cannot wait to see what you peeps come up with! Think of something original and unique that hasn't been in game yet!! The deadline to enter is Wednesday, September 30th! Good luck :D!

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