Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Happy Birthday Wizard101!

Hello Wizards!
    Today is Wizard101's 7th Birthday!! 7 Years old! Wow... feels like yesterday Ambrose opened the gates to Ravenwood for us to learn the magical arts and save the Spiral! Starting today to September 8th, join Kingsisle for a week of birthday celebrations!
    First you should check out the Crown Shop since they have added a couple of new Items to celebrate. My favorite is the new Party Corgi pet. It comes with a Sharpen Blade Card starting at teen. Pretty neat. Then we have the usual party supplies, like festive tables, magical cake, birthday chairs and much more!
    Secondly, Kingsisle has brought back BOTH of the events! Yep thats right, this is the first time ever that both the Lost Pages Event AND the B.O.X events have ran at the same time. If you want to collect the badges or other goodies make sure to pick up the quests! They even teased they added the Skeletal Dragon Perm Mount to the Lost Pages Bosses!
    The biggest surprise is that they have activated ALL of the Member Benefits at the same time!!! Yep thats right, if you become a member or already are a member during the celebration week, you get Double Pet XP, Double Gardening Rewards, Free PVP Tournaments, AND Free Training Point Reversals!
    Finally is a present! Click the button below to receive your presents from Kingsisle and Wizard101! It comes with a bunch of goodies including a brand new pet! This will be invalid on September 30th so remember to get it before then! Go on click it!

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