Friday, October 23, 2015

Got a lot of these hanging around?

Hello Wizards!
    I think at one point or another we have all had lots of these Trophies cluttering our bags or scattered around our houses... I also believe at one point or another a lot of us tried farming the one shot bosses for a certain item and didn't get it after many tries.
    After each One Shot Boss Gauntlet, the person who placed it in their house receives a Trophy after the dungeon. Most people just trash them or feed them to their pets for little gold and snacks/reagents. Seems like a Waste right? After farming the Krokopatra one multiple times trying for my Ice Wizards Hat, I thought of an idea. Below are just some of my collection from farming Krokopatra Exalted... 3 Myth perm mounts and 1 Fire perm mount including multiple pages of her staffs. Not to mention countless times I saw the hat icon pop up and got super excited just to be let down that it was her "all classes hat" version royal fez. 4 of those bad boys.
    After researching her confirmed drop table in the Wiki, you have 1/15 chance at getting the item you want. Slim odds, especially re-rolling every new try. Yes this is easier than going through the Graveyard and facing Darkmoor Malistaire, but you have a much better chance of snagging his gear, especially with the 2 rolls at his drop table you get.
    So after farming countless times I thought it would be a neat idea if we could actually use these excessive trophies for something useful and not let them go to waste! After you defeat the one shot boss, a Trophy Hunter NPC will appear near the back of the room behind the chest. If you have trophies in your bag from this bosses dungeon, you can trade him them for a certain item you do not have but desire!
    Find the Item you want in the bosses drop table, and see how many Trophies the Hunter wants for it. If you have enough, click the Trade Button and you receive the Item you want! Now some may be thinking "Well this is too easy". No its really not if you think about it. The only person who receives the Trophy is the house owner, everyone else doesn't get it. So you only get the Trophy by going out farming for the gauntlets or purchasing them via the crown shop for 500 crowns each.
    This is a win win situation in my eyes, and Im pretty shocked Kingsisle hasn't thought of this as the Trophies just end up getting trashed or fed to our pets for little to nothing! Thoughts?? Thanks for reading!
See you in the Spiral! ;)

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