Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Jewel Crafter's Bundle!

Hello Wizards!
    Kingsisle has released a new Bundle by the name of "Jewel Crafter's"! You can find this shiny bundle located at Gamestop's across the Country. It just released so you may want to call first and see if your location's store has received some before making the trip! It is a $29 bundle similar to the Mystic Fishing Bundle and Atlantean Bundle! (Big thank you to Swordroll and Tasha [@Tkgib] for allowing me to take pics!)
    What is in this Sparkling Bundle you may ask? It comes jam packed with the Bountiful Mine Housing Item which you can place anywhere in your house and enter to get a daily reward! A Crystal Unicorn Mount that gives the regular 40% Speed, but brand new also it gives +2% accuracy to your stats! Interesting right? It is also dyable so color it to your hearts desire. Next is the Crystal Butterfly Pet, it has to be one of the most beautiful pets in game imo! You can dye it as well. Finally the Shard Warrior's Armor Set and Weapon which is all dyable. Plus the 5000 crowns or 1 month sub!
    Below I'll add in the renders I did for this bundle, ya'll can use them however you want. :) Have a wonderful day in the Spiral and stay tuned because we have a Spooktacular contest coming soon!

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