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Hello Wizards!
    Emperor Napoleguin has left back to Polaris, but he has left the prizes we promised to give out after reviewing your entries for the Cheating Boss contest! We looked over all of them and chose 5 lucky winners! They were all very unique, thank you for taking the time to enter. I wish we could give you all crowns, loved them so much. Now lets start shall we?
(Credit to Evil-Witch-Inside-Me on deviant art)
Winner: Abbie Lancaster
Boss: Aαγαπώ (based off Greek word for love)
Rank 14 (Valentines Day Boss Event)
Health: 30,000 School: Death
The Story of this boss is that it hates love and couples.
When you enter the battle-
-Enter alone, it casts an absorb on itself.
-Enter with 2, it cuts half of each of your health and says "You won't need this since you have each other!"
-Enter with 3, it takes 1/3 of each of your health. Repeats same chant as 2.
-Enter with 4, it takes 1/4 of each of your health. Repeats same chant.
Aαγαπώ out of turn casts a doom and gloom that gives -80% heals anytime a different global spell is cast.
If you heal anyone but yourself (pet casts don't count), Aαγαπώ will steal half of your health and say "Awe, aren't you sweet? Can I have some love?"
Winner: Brand Ghostspear
Boss: Trevor Whitetail
Ice/Shadow Boss who looks like a Polar Bear
For the area the wizard is fighting Trevor Whitetail at, he is in a warship filled with treasure and Trevor Whitetail standing in the middle of the room with 3 other polar bear soldier planning to steal the treasure. Here are the list of 5 cheats.
1.) Every 3 rounds, Trevor Whitetail says, "Is it cold in here or is it just you?" and casts freeze on random wizard.

2.) Whenever the wizard gets a heal over time, the boss says, "Is that for me? Why, thank you." And he casts Snow Drift on the target wizard that has heal over time.

3.) Every 5 rounds, the boss says, "You wizards are up to no good. Time to plan defensive." And casts a -75% tower shield on himself.

4.) Whenever the boss gets hit, the boss says, "We shall see what Woolly Mammoth has to say about that!" And casts Woolly Mammoth on target wizard that casted a damage spell on the boss.(pet may cast hit also triggers this cheat)

5.) Whenever the wizard traps the boss, the boss says, "Your trap is now my frozen shield." And casts cleanse ward, then cast -75% shield on himself. (casting elemental trap, spirt trap, etc makes him remove only one of the trap)
Winner: Blaze Firebreath
Boss: The Shapeshifter
Shadow School Boss
Shapeshifter Cheat Details:
   • "All my friends are dead! Now it's your turn!"
      • Must be fought alone, 1 on 1. Minions and henchman will facetank a 25,000 Spinysaur the first round they enter the fight.
 • "Your power turns on you!"
      • Copies wizard's exact stats (Health+1000), excluding their pet.
      • Any spell the wizard casts (including may-casts & pet spells) , Shapeshifter casts first for zero pips.
      • Shapeshifter always passes on its real turn.
• "RNGesus has no power here!"
      • Before its first turn, and immediately after ANY other bubble is cast, Shapeshifter cheat casts a 0-pip, -200% Critical bubble with some extra effects.
      • For spells that deal a range of damage (firecat,imp,etc.), the same number is applied to both the wizard's and Shapeshifter's casts.
      • Similarly, Shapeshifter will only fizzle if you are about to fizzle (dispels are the exception to this rule.)
 I know at first glance, this seems broken. But here's a few quirks and tips I'd like to explain as to why this could be playable:
   • Bad Juju+anything with damage will cause the wizard to clear the debuff, but Shapeshifter will have it for his damage cast. Similar spell combos exist, this is just the obvious example.
   • Because he cheat casts before the wizard, not on his turn, auras/polymorphs will behave strangely. Either giving him and extra or a lost round on it, I honestly don't know how the game handles this situation.
   • Pets are the only 'free' stats here. Shapeshifter has the extra 1,000 health to counter this a bit, but pets can make it so 1,000 just isn't enough.
   • Dispels and bubbles are a waste of turns/pips. Not worth the bother.
Winner: Logan Mistspear
Boss: Zane Shadowdrainer
Shadow School Boss
This boss is a Shadow School boss with a Mastery to death and life schools
In the beginning of the first round,  The boss uses Shadowblade 50% enhanced version and summons a spell called the basilisk of the king can deal 1800 damage all enemies.
Once the wizard decides to use stun, The boss will immune and defend himself with 125% Block and stun rating conviction.
If the wizard tried to beguile the boss, The boss will immune and react with a 5000 rebirth.
Every 5 rounds, The Boss will cast a shadow form called The Dragon's Kiss, The boss goes in the middle of combat circle, them starts to fly and deal 500 universal damage and puts a 300% locked feint (unlocks after passing 10 RDS)
Once the feint goes unlocked, The boss is going to say the following (Weakness hides behind strength) and the boss will use a shadow spell called Mind Weakner. Reduces 50% of the wizards damage and puts a 100% Balance blade on a Random wizard.

When the wizard tries to hit the boss, The boss will say the following (You're following your own path, But Shadow will remain Cold!) And Summons a Mirage Warrior with 180,000 health to boost the boss with healing and the boss will be hidden (Showing but you won't be able to hit him for 2 rounds) and the boss will be completely stunned in the same 2 RDS while he's hidden, The boss won't attack you or do anything.
The Mirage Warrior will get destroyed after healing the boss for 2 RDS after being summoned by sacrificing his health and restoring 10% of the boss's health.
The boss is going to say (The taste of life fuels my shadow) he will be revealed again and losing 50% of his resistance and getting a 10% Damage boost
The boss can use Deer knight and Shadow Deer Knight deals 230 damage when the wizard decides to use curse trap or smoke screen.
Winner: Brandon Owlsword
Boss: Similar to Freddy Nine Lifes Concept
My idea for a cheating boss concept is having progressively harder bosses arrive in the battle as the battle goes on. This would be similar to the Freddie Nine Lives in Marleybone as he respawns so many times, but the creature would get both stronger and come into the battle rather than letting the wizard get health and regroup themselves. An added challenge to this is that depending on how long the battle takes is how much health the creature will have. Such as, if it has taken someone 5 minutes so far, the creature will have 50,000 or something health, so speed is a must in the battle, but still leaves AFK players a chance with a max cap on the amount of health the boss can have. This would acquire the attention of very serious and tentative players, but also show some light to those on the other side of the spectrum.

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