Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Butterfly Effect!

Hello Wizards!
    I have been playing a couple of new games and they all have a new genre of gaming. It all revolves around the Butterfly Effect, and what YOU decide to do later effects what happens in the game. This aspect of gaming makes you more immersed into the storyline and I really think that having this in Wiz would really make questing more unique and fun! I decided to do a quick graphic of an example.
    Say you are questing and you meet a quest giver NPC. He then asks you a question, you answer what you want, but remember it will change your path. For example if you pick one way and your friend picks another, you may be on a different quest. Below you can see the example of what happens when you pick a certain choice.
    You see if you pick a certain choice, it sends you on a different quest path but ultimately it will end up meeting back up at the same destination. This would be a pretty neat addition if they have the resources/time to do. That way you feel more involved in the storyline. YOUR decisions would matter and effect the storyline. One choice may be better XP/Reward wise than the other, and not knowing the outcome is kinda fun! *The above ex is just 1 quest example, but they could be a lot longer like 4-5 quests before meeting back up at the same goal.*
What do you all think? You like it or no?
See you around the Spiral! :) 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Rise and Destroy has Released!

Hello all!
    Earlier today, Kingsisle officially released their new Mobile Game, Rise and Destroy! It is now available to be downloaded worldwide here. (For iOS, Android, and Amazon) Rise and Destroy is all about the evil humans stealing all of the monsters energy from their cavern. You take the role as the Monsters and get back that energy and unlock your other monster friends locked up in certain levels from the baddies!

    There are also boss battle levels to test your skills. To play a level you have to have energy (hearts). Your energy will also refill over time if you stop playing or take a break. Jewels allow you to buy things from the in-game shop. You also collect gold throughout levels and also by visiting (clicking on) old cities you have conquered. You can click on a city multiple times throughout the day/week when the timer is filled. So make sure to save up your gold to level up your Cave Machines which will power up your Monsters to take on the harder levels.
    So which will be your favorite monster to play as? Above are just some of the crazy creatures you can destroy with! Each have unique and different powers to help you get your precious energy back to the Cavern. My favorite at the moment is Brimstone the Dragon! Make sure to tune into a special KI Live tomorrow November 4th as Tom, Leala, and Julia celebrate the release of Rise & Destroy! You can watch it here at 4 PM CST.
See ya all then! Big Congrats to KI on releasing another epic Mobile Game!