Sunday, December 18, 2016

Quick Update!

Hello Wizards!
    I just wanted to update everyone and let you all know that I've been pretty jam packed with work the past few weeks. After the Holidays I should be more available again!! So much has happened in Wizards in those weeks! Between Mirage releasing, and the new Christmas updates.
    Between work and real life I really wish I had more time to enjoy the game like I did so many years ago. But we all have to grow up and take responsibility at one point or another! I cannot believe Christmas is already upon us this coming week, this month really flew by, and I cannot wait to start a fresh new year.
    2017 is going to be a great year, I can feel it! I cant wait to see what Kingsisle has cooked up for it as well. I'm sure it will be amazing like always. Anyways I hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year. Please be safe and have fun!!
See you in 2017 Wizards!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Halloweenfest Winners!

(In no particular order)
 Winner: Lotus River
Halloween Idea: NPC Witch + Lich Pet
Winner: Autumn Heart
Halloween Idea: New Halloween Bundle
Winner: Andrew
Winner: Brandon Owlsword
Winner: Dugan
Halloween Idea: Nether Realm Area
Winner: Alexander
Winner: Logan
Winner: Josh
Winner: Proxie
Winner: Tarlac
Winner: Isabella
Halloween Idea: The Spooky Castle

Monday, October 17, 2016

New World Announced!

Hello Wizards!
    On the last episode of KI Live, Community Managers Tom and Leah teased the upcoming new world to Wiz! After lots of speculation from the community the past few months, the rumors held true. I am beyond ecstatic since it should be similar to Aladdin my favorite classic Disney movie. Magic, Lamps, Treasure, and most importantly new adventures!
    What we know so far about the Mysterious Land of Mirage is that Old Cob has sent one of his "children" there to corrupt it just like he did with Polaris. The Ancient Zafarian Prophecies had predicted that the Scorpion entity is an evil alchemist who will try to steal the sun! Sounds like it would fit into Mirage's storyline perfectly! KI also gave us a pretty epic looking teaser poster. (Split it up) Looks like a Genie type character in the pink gear, a royal princess in the middle? Floating Skull could be good or bad? The Green robed cat reminds me of the Sultan from Aladdin.
    In this section, we have all the evil looking characters. The one with the Turban and green smoke from his hands could be old cobs child, or is it the guy with the staff? We will have to wait and see, but the consensus is that the guy with the staff is the Scorpion (the staff handle is a scorpion claw). The evil skeleton rats look to be his army risen from the dead. Be sure to be ready to face many of those!

    Be sure to check out the whole KI Live episode above if you missed it! Very great show this time by Tom and Leah for Pirate101's Birthday and of course teasing Mirage. If you want to hop right to the Mirage Teaser bit, rub the magic lamp below! ;) I hope you all have a wonderful night, be on your toes because Test Realm could pop up very soon.

Thursday, October 13, 2016


Hello Wizards!
    Halloweenfest has arrived at Wizards of the Spiral!! Thanks to the kind folks of Kingsisle, we have tons of spooktacular prizes to give away! During the next 2 weeks there will be plenty of Contests for you all to enter and hopefully win some prizes! Continue reading to learn how you can participate.
    Twitter Contest: Respond to this tweet saying which type of Mask your Wizard would be wearing for Halloween! Random winner will win 5k Crowns + Vampire Costume!
Blog Contest: Let us know a feature or expansion you would like to see for next Halloween in Wizard101! Maybe a new Dungeon? Or Spell? Be creative as possible. There will be tons of prizes given out for this one! Ask your Parent/Guardian permission before you email me at The more Creative/Detailed, the better chance of winning. This Contest will end on October 27th, 2016 @ midnight.
1st Place: Witchdoctor Bundle, Nightrunner Mount (Perm)
2nd Place: 10k Crowns + Goat Horns
3rd Place: 5k Crowns + Vampire Costume
4th Place: 5k Crowns + Mummy Costume
5th Place: 5k Crowns + Vampire Costume
6th Place: 5k Crowns + Mummy Costume
7th-11th Place: 1 Nightmare Pet + 1 Harrowing Nightmare Pack
I hope you all enjoy October and your Halloween festivities coming up! Be sure to check out all of the other Fansites who are holding their own Contests here. See you around the Spiral Peeps. Big thanks again to KI for the opportunity to give out Prizes!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Ancient Zafarian's Prophecy

Hello Wizards!
    With a new update to Wizards coming soon, I wanted to look back to the Ancient Zafarian's Prophecy we encountered during a questline in Polaris with the Arcanum Storyline. It gives us insight of the storyline for the future past Polaris and Old Cobs children. Pretty neat if you skipped past the dialogue by accident or by choice!
    Airdale Guthrie is a Marlyebonian we meet in Zafaria on a questline for the Arcanum Professors. He is inside of a cave in the Savannah that holds Ancient Zafarians Cave Drawings. Airdale explains to us that they believed a spider (Old Cob) was imprisoned underground (oops we let him out!), and that he had 3 children that were going to rule the spiral! (Rat, Scorpion, Bat)
    Well so far the Prophecy is true, poor Airdale laughed if off thinking it was crazy talk. We defeated Rat(sputin) in Polaris. Which Child of Old Cob do you think we will encounter next? The Scorpion or Bat? I am leaning towards the Scorpion because of the whispers of Mirage being the next world! The Scorpion is a Mirage Alchemist/Warlord and wants to steal the sun, very interesting! Make of that what you will.
    This also means that the final child we will meet is a bat, hmmm Empryea anyone? Or maybe we will get a main world of DM expansion? That's the only other thing that would make sense!! What are your predictions? I'm so hyped for the next world! Throwback to my Mirage edits Lol!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Cuckoo Clock Bundle!

Hello Wizards!
    Kingisle has recently released a brand new Bundle For Wizard101! It is dubbed "The Cuckoo Clock Gauntlet" which is based off of the Pirate101 world Valencia. Inside the Bundle you get the Clock Tower Dungeon with tons of cool loot inside. Then your standard Mount, Pet, and Gear set/Weapon. It costs $39 dollars and is found at Target or Walmart! Make sure to snag yours today! Learn more about the bundle below.

    Want to try and win your own? Head over to Twitter and RT this Tweet! That simple. Ill be picking the lucky winner on July 27th! Good luck and big thanks to Kingsisle! See ya'll in the Spiral peeps!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Astral Unicorn Contest!

Hello Wizards!
    Kingsisle has released a brand new Mount in the Crowns Shop for 7500 Crowns dubbed the Astral Unicorn. It has to be one of the coolest looking designs I have ever seen in this game! The constellations in it glimmers and shines. You can really see this mounts beauty in dark areas since it shines so bright! KI has given us a few codes to give out, so enter below to see If you can snag this amazing mount or some crowns! Win win!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Contest Winners!

Hello Wizards!
    Thank you for entering the Daily Assignment Contest! Your entries were really creative and after reading them all, its time to pick the winners! Below you will see the winning entries in no particular order. Codes will be sent out right after I post this, so check your emails if you see your entry below! Good luck and thank you again! See you in the Spiral ;)
By Anonymous
Event: One day Trip to El Dorado (small ftp area added in game)
Slot: One, overwriting the first gold slot in the rotation
Time: St Patricks Day
 St. Patrick’s Day is Irish, which is linked to the mythical creature, Leprechaun. As Leprechauns are obsessed with finding a pot of gold, it makes sense that we would go to a place that is filled with gold. The reason this works in Wizard101 and still keeps the plot of Pirate101 in tact is because Wizards can use the Spiral Door to travel to El Dorado, finding it much easier than Pirates, who of course have to sail there and relocate it with the map.
Quests and Rewards: Well, obviously gold, but it should be a bit more creative than that. El Dorado will have side quests given by Leprechauns, which give large sums of gold as quest rewards (nothing else, just a lot of gold). The quests will consist of going around the place and finding a certain amount of gold for them. Being greedy about their treasure and upset that someone found their trove, they will give you a 40%/60% cut of the treasure as the quest reward. Additionally, around the single zone will be gold chests. These chests will give 1000-5000 gold apiece and can only be opened with keys given by the Leprechauns for their side quests, so that you can’t steal more gold than you’re allowed a share of. Finally, Zeke is here, completely oblivious to the fact that he shouldn’t be, and asks you to find 4 four-leaf clovers. Because this piece of El Dorado is just one zone, the clovers will be found lying in various parts of the area, rather than far apart. 
By Marissa DragonTail
Event: Skeleton Key Quest
Slot: 1, 6, 11
(active all the time)
Here is my idea for the DA rewards. To have a icon of a "key" it will give you 1 wooden, stone or gold key every time you finish the daily assignment. The key icon will be active all the time. You can get on the 1 day, 6 day and 11 day to get total of 3 keys for yourself or to share with friends and plus we got 3 different keys in spiral so that why in 15 days you can get all different types of keys if you lucky. Others days I will leave it how it is now. And maybe to have a bonus chest on the 15 day for doing ALL daily assignments that will give a random draw of 10-1,000 crowns for wizards.
And also to have more quest icons they will be only active at a special holiday in the spiral. 3 day, 7 day and 12 day will be only quest icons for example for halloween time there will be quests like to go trick or treating in some area in the spiral with friends or to fight some halloween special minion for some sweets. For completing this dailty assignment will be some new created limited holiday items it depends if it will be a minion fight or just to visit the area for the holiday item. We can make it that the wizards would try to find it in the spiral for that item by clicking "X" like we do to hidden decoration we find in the spiral. Also for the holiday only quests you will be reward with special badges when using them you will get a pet following you but you wont be able to train it. It will only follow you where ever you go. The badges will have different types of pets followers depending on the holiday it is most likely they will be very big like companions we have in Pirate101 to follow us. For example halloween time the following pet can be a Ghost will it be scary to see that right. Easter a very big easter bunny there will be in total 3 badges because there will be 3 quests on easter day so in total 3 different PetFollowers let's call them that and every time you can change the badges to something new every time.
By Lucas Silver
Event: Aegon's Gravulum Field Base
Slot (6th cycle, 7th day)
On the 6th Cycle (three months in), you would see a quest in the slot of the seventh day. This quest would be a special treat - you would get to visit Aegon's Gravulum Field Base. This would be a special Gravulum-Colored tent located near the cauldron we first visit in Unicorn Park. It would be a Blue and Orange tent, similar to the Fairegrounds tents, but colored differently.
Upon entering, Aegon would inform you that to become a full-fledged member of the order, you need to look the part. He proceeds to make a grand and over-exaggerated speech about the importance of this moment, on how you grow closer and closer to becoming indicted into the Order, and how honored you should feel. He then presents to you a brand new gear set - The Gravulum Outfit.
Once he bestows the outfit to you, he makes a comment on how "Once you realize the scope of our importance, you may consider taking a break from that Arcanum business." This opens the door to the future - Aegon knows about the Arcanum. The Gravulum Order knows about the Arcanum.
Hat - Eyeglass of the Order
The hat is an eyeglass, identical to Aegon's contraption, connected to a hairstyle that looks like The Rumba. At Level 110, it gives Health, Resist, Block, and Pierce. The frames of the glasses CAN be dyed one color.

Robe - Suit of the Order
The robe is a slim suit, identical to Aegon's, along with a tote bag with vials connected to the strap. At Level 110, it gives Health, Damage, Critical, and Incoming Health Boost. The vials CAN be dyed one color.

Boots - Gravulum Order Walkers
The boots are black combat boots, identical to Aegon's. At Level 110, they give Health, Accuracy, Power Pip Chance, and Outgoing Health Boost. The straps CAN be dyed one color.
By Logan Owlwielder
Event: Don't miss a daily assignment quest bonus!
Slot: 15th day
One cycle of daily assignments is 15 days. Then it resets. My idea is that if we are able to complete 15 day assignments without a single day gap in between, we would get two random item drops instead of one on the 15 th day. This will encourage us to continue doing the assignments and not take gaps in between.
By Christine Firecharm
Event: Schools in session
Slot: 3, 6, 9
During these quests you have to head to your current school teacher (ravenwood or Arcanum) and they will send you on a unique quest. They will join you (give you a bonus in battle). Its a bonding experience and some funny dialogue. The Reward at the end is a piece of gear your professor wears or possibly their wand/staff/weapon.
By Edward Lifebringer
Event: Trick or Treating
Slot: every day (alongside other daily assignments)
Slot: all of them
(In October)
Every day in October you are given a box in your currently equipped house that you can leave treats in it for visitors visiting.. (TC, little gold baggies, and Reagents) For the visitors you can put your house on the tours so people can visit and trick or treat. Visitors are allowed to open a persons chest one time and randomly get something, then cannot open it anymore. But if they visit another persons house they can! Trick or treating in the Spiral!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Witchhunter's Bundle!

Hello Wizards!
    Kingsisle is releasing a brand new Bundle for Wizard101 dubbed the "Witch Hunter's Bundle"! You can get this brand new Bundle from Gamestops around the Country for $39! It comes with Spooky Darkmoor Manor with haunted owners of the past who give you special treasures each day. Your new Manor also comes with an awesome Midnight Rider Mount with 50% speed!
    The gear is inspired from the Shadow Professor we meet in the Arcanum. Weapon is a crossbow with special poison infused arrows ready to hunt some Witches! ;) Finally you get a little vampire squirrel as a pet to help you hunt your victims. Check out the Video below for the full tour of the brand new house. You can read more about this brand new bundle here! Enjoy Peeps :)

Monday, May 9, 2016

Daily Assignment Contest!

Hello Wizards!
    Spring weather is here in the Spiral, and we are soon getting ready for Summer! With the new addition of the Daily Assignments, we have decided to hold a Contest! Its really simple to enter, read more about it below! (Big thanks to KI for letting us hold these contests!) Also be sure to head over to Pirates of the Spiral to enter a contest over there if you are interested.
    Currently, the rewards for the Daily Assignments are gold, crowns, 3 chests each frame, and a quest. In the chest rewards, you are able to get a random item from a select pool. Some people have received rare jewels like a Spell Proof gem or Spell Defy to give to their pets! We want to know what you guys can come up with to what you think they should add to the Daily Assignment rewards!
    To enter, all you have to do is create an idea of what you think they should add in the future to the DA rewards. Below is a guideline to follow , once you are done, send it to with the title "Daily Assignment Contest". (Please ask your parents or guardians permission first before sending an email if you are under 13)
Explain your Reward/Event Idea
How many slots would it take up on the Frame?
How often would it show up? (monthly or holiday only)
[Remember, the more details the better]
    For example, if I were to add a cool reward it would be in one of the quests, you receive a cool badge that if you have equipped on your wizard, your eyes will glow! Interested in the Prizes? Check below..
10,000 Crowns
5,000 Crowns
5,000 Crowns
1,000 Crowns
1,000 Crowns
1,000 Crowns
    The deadline for this contest will be next Monday, May 16th at Midnight Eastern time. Winners will be chosen sometime on next Tuesday. :) Have fun and Goodluck! I cant wait to see what type of rewards or events you guys come up with!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Level Boosts!

Hello Wizards!!!
    Yesterday while I was thinking about Wizard I thought of a new idea that they could implement into the game. I know some people will probably not like it, but a lot of other games have this service in-game. I made a couple of Graphics to showcase it. Let me know what you guys think. I don't think Kingsisle will ever do this , its just an idea.
    It would mostly be used by people who already have multiple Wizards and want to start a Wizard at a certain point in the story instead of starting all the way from scratch in Arc1 Wizard City. There would be 2 options where you could start.
    How it would work is that when you create a new wizard in-game, do everything like you normally would. Once your in Wizard City after the Tutorial, open up the Crowns Shop and there would be a new tab under Gameplay dubbed "Character Boosts". 2 options would show up, one to boost your wizard to level 50; which would mean that all of the quests up to the end of Dragonspyre would be complete. You also would get all the spells for your school up to that point, and also a set of Grandmaster DS gear. (all the extra stuff mounts, pets, etc you have to work for yourself).
    The 2nd option would be to boost your wizard to level 100. This would mean that all of the quests up to the end of Khrysalis would be complete. You also would get all the spells for your school up to that point, and also a set of standard Khrysalis gear for your school. (all the extra stuff mounts, pets, etc you have to work for yourself).
    The Special deals would Cost $49.99 (For the level 50 boost/complete arc 1) and $99.99 (For the level 100 boost/complete arc 1 and 2) Or 49,999 Crowns/ 99,999 Crowns. A while back in Pirate they did something similar to this when beta testing it. They wanted us to test a certain part in the story and had a Boochbeard NPC in Skull Island when you talk to him he would boost your character to a certain level to start cool ranch.
    What are your thoughts? I think it would be more for the people with Multiple Wizards who have went through the storyline many many times and just want to hop on a new school and get right to the point they like. I know some will not like the idea for the simple fact of "I had to work my way to level 100+ , everyone else should too".
Like, Dislike?

Friday, April 15, 2016

Fansite Festival Hide and Seek Contest!

Hello Wizards!
    We have been asked by the Fansite Festival to host an event tomorrow!! :) Make sure you join everyone all day tomorrow for all different kind of events! Lots of fun and prizes to be won. A full list of events and dates can be found here.
    Our event will be Hide and Seek with me! :P Its really simple but fun! So be sure to get your detective gear ready for 5:00 PM Eastern tomorrow for 4 hide and seeks. Kingsisle and Fansite Festival have provided us with 4 codes to give out to the winners.
1 (5000 Crown Code)
1 (5000 Crown Code)
1 (Jewel Crafter's Bundle)
1 (Polarian Bundle)
    To make it easier to know when to be ready, Ill be putting a chart below for the times of the hide and seeks. Each Hide and seek will run about 30 mins long. If Im found before then, ill post it on here and on twitter and start the next hide and seek.
1st Hide and Seek
5:00 PM Eastern
World: Mooshu
Realm Hint: (2 headed dog)
Winner: @MWildflame
Prize chosen: Polaris bundle
2nd Hide and Seek
5:30 PM Eastern (started earlier because was found quicker)
World: Polaris
Realm Hint: 4 Pip Storm Spell
Winner: @Confetti_Wap
Prize chosen: Jewel Crafter Bundle
3rd Hide and Seek
6:00 PM Eastern (started earlier because was found quicker)
World: Avalon
Realm Hint: What is Shane von Shane?
Winner: Robert
4th Hide and Seek
6:30 PM Eastern (started earlier because was found quicker)
World: Wizard City
Realm Hint: What spell throws up?
Winner: @Jackythebest_123
    You will be searching for my Storm Wizard Max Level John. (Pic below) I hope to see you all there and I cannot wait!!! See if you can find me first muahahaha ;) Big thanks again to Kingsisle and Fansite Festival for organizing this really neat community event!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

New Kingsisle Mobile Game!

Hello Wizards!
    Earlier today, Kingsisle released a new Trailer for one of their new Mobile Games coming soon! It's called Alphacat and its a puzzle/battle based game. Check out the Trailer below to see more of it in action. Also be sure to visit the site and read all information you need. Its currently only released in Canada, but will be released everywhere in Spring 2016. Enjoy!


Thursday, February 11, 2016

Valentina is Back!

Hello Wizards!
    Valentina here! You havent seen me since last year when the cupids took over ;). This year I am back in the Spiral with all sorts of goodies for Pirates and Wizards alike! Be sure to check out the Crown shop in both games for them! You can see them pictured below as well. Also be sure to check out the Contest we have going on below! You could win some crowns or pets.
Soaring Heart Wings (Perm)
Lovely Leopard
Lovely Ladybug
    Ok now for the Contest! One of the big rumors about Wiz is that the next world we will visit is Mirage. During our adventures in Polaris, we learn that Old Cob has 2 other "children" besides Ratsputin. A Scorpion and Bat. The Scorpion would make sense to be in a Desert like Mirage. The contest is simple, write a comment on this post and explain what you think the story for the world of Mirage will be. (Make sure to add in your email so I can send you your prize, don't worry emails wont be shown) 5 random winners will be chosen for a random prize below. Deadline to enter is February 18th. Good luck!
Lovely Leopard Pet
Lovely Leopard Pet
Lovely Leopard Pet
5,000 Crowns
5,000 Crowns