Friday, April 15, 2016

Fansite Festival Hide and Seek Contest!

Hello Wizards!
    We have been asked by the Fansite Festival to host an event tomorrow!! :) Make sure you join everyone all day tomorrow for all different kind of events! Lots of fun and prizes to be won. A full list of events and dates can be found here.
    Our event will be Hide and Seek with me! :P Its really simple but fun! So be sure to get your detective gear ready for 5:00 PM Eastern tomorrow for 4 hide and seeks. Kingsisle and Fansite Festival have provided us with 4 codes to give out to the winners.
1 (5000 Crown Code)
1 (5000 Crown Code)
1 (Jewel Crafter's Bundle)
1 (Polarian Bundle)
    To make it easier to know when to be ready, Ill be putting a chart below for the times of the hide and seeks. Each Hide and seek will run about 30 mins long. If Im found before then, ill post it on here and on twitter and start the next hide and seek.
1st Hide and Seek
5:00 PM Eastern
World: Mooshu
Realm Hint: (2 headed dog)
Winner: @MWildflame
Prize chosen: Polaris bundle
2nd Hide and Seek
5:30 PM Eastern (started earlier because was found quicker)
World: Polaris
Realm Hint: 4 Pip Storm Spell
Winner: @Confetti_Wap
Prize chosen: Jewel Crafter Bundle
3rd Hide and Seek
6:00 PM Eastern (started earlier because was found quicker)
World: Avalon
Realm Hint: What is Shane von Shane?
Winner: Robert
4th Hide and Seek
6:30 PM Eastern (started earlier because was found quicker)
World: Wizard City
Realm Hint: What spell throws up?
Winner: @Jackythebest_123
    You will be searching for my Storm Wizard Max Level John. (Pic below) I hope to see you all there and I cannot wait!!! See if you can find me first muahahaha ;) Big thanks again to Kingsisle and Fansite Festival for organizing this really neat community event!

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