Monday, May 9, 2016

Daily Assignment Contest!

Hello Wizards!
    Spring weather is here in the Spiral, and we are soon getting ready for Summer! With the new addition of the Daily Assignments, we have decided to hold a Contest! Its really simple to enter, read more about it below! (Big thanks to KI for letting us hold these contests!) Also be sure to head over to Pirates of the Spiral to enter a contest over there if you are interested.
    Currently, the rewards for the Daily Assignments are gold, crowns, 3 chests each frame, and a quest. In the chest rewards, you are able to get a random item from a select pool. Some people have received rare jewels like a Spell Proof gem or Spell Defy to give to their pets! We want to know what you guys can come up with to what you think they should add to the Daily Assignment rewards!
    To enter, all you have to do is create an idea of what you think they should add in the future to the DA rewards. Below is a guideline to follow , once you are done, send it to with the title "Daily Assignment Contest". (Please ask your parents or guardians permission first before sending an email if you are under 13)
Explain your Reward/Event Idea
How many slots would it take up on the Frame?
How often would it show up? (monthly or holiday only)
[Remember, the more details the better]
    For example, if I were to add a cool reward it would be in one of the quests, you receive a cool badge that if you have equipped on your wizard, your eyes will glow! Interested in the Prizes? Check below..
10,000 Crowns
5,000 Crowns
5,000 Crowns
1,000 Crowns
1,000 Crowns
1,000 Crowns
    The deadline for this contest will be next Monday, May 16th at Midnight Eastern time. Winners will be chosen sometime on next Tuesday. :) Have fun and Goodluck! I cant wait to see what type of rewards or events you guys come up with!