Sunday, June 5, 2016

Contest Winners!

Hello Wizards!
    Thank you for entering the Daily Assignment Contest! Your entries were really creative and after reading them all, its time to pick the winners! Below you will see the winning entries in no particular order. Codes will be sent out right after I post this, so check your emails if you see your entry below! Good luck and thank you again! See you in the Spiral ;)
By Anonymous
Event: One day Trip to El Dorado (small ftp area added in game)
Slot: One, overwriting the first gold slot in the rotation
Time: St Patricks Day
 St. Patrick’s Day is Irish, which is linked to the mythical creature, Leprechaun. As Leprechauns are obsessed with finding a pot of gold, it makes sense that we would go to a place that is filled with gold. The reason this works in Wizard101 and still keeps the plot of Pirate101 in tact is because Wizards can use the Spiral Door to travel to El Dorado, finding it much easier than Pirates, who of course have to sail there and relocate it with the map.
Quests and Rewards: Well, obviously gold, but it should be a bit more creative than that. El Dorado will have side quests given by Leprechauns, which give large sums of gold as quest rewards (nothing else, just a lot of gold). The quests will consist of going around the place and finding a certain amount of gold for them. Being greedy about their treasure and upset that someone found their trove, they will give you a 40%/60% cut of the treasure as the quest reward. Additionally, around the single zone will be gold chests. These chests will give 1000-5000 gold apiece and can only be opened with keys given by the Leprechauns for their side quests, so that you can’t steal more gold than you’re allowed a share of. Finally, Zeke is here, completely oblivious to the fact that he shouldn’t be, and asks you to find 4 four-leaf clovers. Because this piece of El Dorado is just one zone, the clovers will be found lying in various parts of the area, rather than far apart. 
By Marissa DragonTail
Event: Skeleton Key Quest
Slot: 1, 6, 11
(active all the time)
Here is my idea for the DA rewards. To have a icon of a "key" it will give you 1 wooden, stone or gold key every time you finish the daily assignment. The key icon will be active all the time. You can get on the 1 day, 6 day and 11 day to get total of 3 keys for yourself or to share with friends and plus we got 3 different keys in spiral so that why in 15 days you can get all different types of keys if you lucky. Others days I will leave it how it is now. And maybe to have a bonus chest on the 15 day for doing ALL daily assignments that will give a random draw of 10-1,000 crowns for wizards.
And also to have more quest icons they will be only active at a special holiday in the spiral. 3 day, 7 day and 12 day will be only quest icons for example for halloween time there will be quests like to go trick or treating in some area in the spiral with friends or to fight some halloween special minion for some sweets. For completing this dailty assignment will be some new created limited holiday items it depends if it will be a minion fight or just to visit the area for the holiday item. We can make it that the wizards would try to find it in the spiral for that item by clicking "X" like we do to hidden decoration we find in the spiral. Also for the holiday only quests you will be reward with special badges when using them you will get a pet following you but you wont be able to train it. It will only follow you where ever you go. The badges will have different types of pets followers depending on the holiday it is most likely they will be very big like companions we have in Pirate101 to follow us. For example halloween time the following pet can be a Ghost will it be scary to see that right. Easter a very big easter bunny there will be in total 3 badges because there will be 3 quests on easter day so in total 3 different PetFollowers let's call them that and every time you can change the badges to something new every time.
By Lucas Silver
Event: Aegon's Gravulum Field Base
Slot (6th cycle, 7th day)
On the 6th Cycle (three months in), you would see a quest in the slot of the seventh day. This quest would be a special treat - you would get to visit Aegon's Gravulum Field Base. This would be a special Gravulum-Colored tent located near the cauldron we first visit in Unicorn Park. It would be a Blue and Orange tent, similar to the Fairegrounds tents, but colored differently.
Upon entering, Aegon would inform you that to become a full-fledged member of the order, you need to look the part. He proceeds to make a grand and over-exaggerated speech about the importance of this moment, on how you grow closer and closer to becoming indicted into the Order, and how honored you should feel. He then presents to you a brand new gear set - The Gravulum Outfit.
Once he bestows the outfit to you, he makes a comment on how "Once you realize the scope of our importance, you may consider taking a break from that Arcanum business." This opens the door to the future - Aegon knows about the Arcanum. The Gravulum Order knows about the Arcanum.
Hat - Eyeglass of the Order
The hat is an eyeglass, identical to Aegon's contraption, connected to a hairstyle that looks like The Rumba. At Level 110, it gives Health, Resist, Block, and Pierce. The frames of the glasses CAN be dyed one color.

Robe - Suit of the Order
The robe is a slim suit, identical to Aegon's, along with a tote bag with vials connected to the strap. At Level 110, it gives Health, Damage, Critical, and Incoming Health Boost. The vials CAN be dyed one color.

Boots - Gravulum Order Walkers
The boots are black combat boots, identical to Aegon's. At Level 110, they give Health, Accuracy, Power Pip Chance, and Outgoing Health Boost. The straps CAN be dyed one color.
By Logan Owlwielder
Event: Don't miss a daily assignment quest bonus!
Slot: 15th day
One cycle of daily assignments is 15 days. Then it resets. My idea is that if we are able to complete 15 day assignments without a single day gap in between, we would get two random item drops instead of one on the 15 th day. This will encourage us to continue doing the assignments and not take gaps in between.
By Christine Firecharm
Event: Schools in session
Slot: 3, 6, 9
During these quests you have to head to your current school teacher (ravenwood or Arcanum) and they will send you on a unique quest. They will join you (give you a bonus in battle). Its a bonding experience and some funny dialogue. The Reward at the end is a piece of gear your professor wears or possibly their wand/staff/weapon.
By Edward Lifebringer
Event: Trick or Treating
Slot: every day (alongside other daily assignments)
Slot: all of them
(In October)
Every day in October you are given a box in your currently equipped house that you can leave treats in it for visitors visiting.. (TC, little gold baggies, and Reagents) For the visitors you can put your house on the tours so people can visit and trick or treat. Visitors are allowed to open a persons chest one time and randomly get something, then cannot open it anymore. But if they visit another persons house they can! Trick or treating in the Spiral!

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