Sunday, September 25, 2016

Ancient Zafarian's Prophecy

Hello Wizards!
    With a new update to Wizards coming soon, I wanted to look back to the Ancient Zafarian's Prophecy we encountered during a questline in Polaris with the Arcanum Storyline. It gives us insight of the storyline for the future past Polaris and Old Cobs children. Pretty neat if you skipped past the dialogue by accident or by choice!
    Airdale Guthrie is a Marlyebonian we meet in Zafaria on a questline for the Arcanum Professors. He is inside of a cave in the Savannah that holds Ancient Zafarians Cave Drawings. Airdale explains to us that they believed a spider (Old Cob) was imprisoned underground (oops we let him out!), and that he had 3 children that were going to rule the spiral! (Rat, Scorpion, Bat)
    Well so far the Prophecy is true, poor Airdale laughed if off thinking it was crazy talk. We defeated Rat(sputin) in Polaris. Which Child of Old Cob do you think we will encounter next? The Scorpion or Bat? I am leaning towards the Scorpion because of the whispers of Mirage being the next world! The Scorpion is a Mirage Alchemist/Warlord and wants to steal the sun, very interesting! Make of that what you will.
    This also means that the final child we will meet is a bat, hmmm Empryea anyone? Or maybe we will get a main world of DM expansion? That's the only other thing that would make sense!! What are your predictions? I'm so hyped for the next world! Throwback to my Mirage edits Lol!

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