Thursday, October 13, 2016


Hello Wizards!
    Halloweenfest has arrived at Wizards of the Spiral!! Thanks to the kind folks of Kingsisle, we have tons of spooktacular prizes to give away! During the next 2 weeks there will be plenty of Contests for you all to enter and hopefully win some prizes! Continue reading to learn how you can participate.
    Twitter Contest: Respond to this tweet saying which type of Mask your Wizard would be wearing for Halloween! Random winner will win 5k Crowns + Vampire Costume!
Blog Contest: Let us know a feature or expansion you would like to see for next Halloween in Wizard101! Maybe a new Dungeon? Or Spell? Be creative as possible. There will be tons of prizes given out for this one! Ask your Parent/Guardian permission before you email me at The more Creative/Detailed, the better chance of winning. This Contest will end on October 27th, 2016 @ midnight.
1st Place: Witchdoctor Bundle, Nightrunner Mount (Perm)
2nd Place: 10k Crowns + Goat Horns
3rd Place: 5k Crowns + Vampire Costume
4th Place: 5k Crowns + Mummy Costume
5th Place: 5k Crowns + Vampire Costume
6th Place: 5k Crowns + Mummy Costume
7th-11th Place: 1 Nightmare Pet + 1 Harrowing Nightmare Pack
I hope you all enjoy October and your Halloween festivities coming up! Be sure to check out all of the other Fansites who are holding their own Contests here. See you around the Spiral Peeps. Big thanks again to KI for the opportunity to give out Prizes!

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