Monday, October 17, 2016

New World Announced!

Hello Wizards!
    On the last episode of KI Live, Community Managers Tom and Leah teased the upcoming new world to Wiz! After lots of speculation from the community the past few months, the rumors held true. I am beyond ecstatic since it should be similar to Aladdin my favorite classic Disney movie. Magic, Lamps, Treasure, and most importantly new adventures!
    What we know so far about the Mysterious Land of Mirage is that Old Cob has sent one of his "children" there to corrupt it just like he did with Polaris. The Ancient Zafarian Prophecies had predicted that the Scorpion entity is an evil alchemist who will try to steal the sun! Sounds like it would fit into Mirage's storyline perfectly! KI also gave us a pretty epic looking teaser poster. (Split it up) Looks like a Genie type character in the pink gear, a royal princess in the middle? Floating Skull could be good or bad? The Green robed cat reminds me of the Sultan from Aladdin.
    In this section, we have all the evil looking characters. The one with the Turban and green smoke from his hands could be old cobs child, or is it the guy with the staff? We will have to wait and see, but the consensus is that the guy with the staff is the Scorpion (the staff handle is a scorpion claw). The evil skeleton rats look to be his army risen from the dead. Be sure to be ready to face many of those!

    Be sure to check out the whole KI Live episode above if you missed it! Very great show this time by Tom and Leah for Pirate101's Birthday and of course teasing Mirage. If you want to hop right to the Mirage Teaser bit, rub the magic lamp below! ;) I hope you all have a wonderful night, be on your toes because Test Realm could pop up very soon.

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