Friday, March 10, 2017

All good things must come to an end...

Hello Wizards!
    I should have done this a lot sooner but couldn't come to grasps to do it. I unfortunately am way too busy with real life and my career right now that I simply do not have anymore time to enjoy my favorite MMO like I use to. I started playing Wiz all the way back in 2008 , that is almost 8 to 9 years ago!
    Back then I was in Middle School, Im now post college grad and making my way in the world. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and relive some of my favorite memories in Wiz with some really great friends. Wizard101 was my 2nd MMO ever played, but it is definitely takes the throne! The game has certainly evolved from the beginning to now and the community was always changing just like everything in life does.
I remember the first moment I even heard of Wiz. I was watching a harry potter movie and one of early commercials popped up with Ambrose and Gamma recruiting wizards to help wizard city. Right after it ended I hopped on the computer and the rest is history! There are way too many memories to count and fun experiences , but I want to really thank Kingsisle for creating this game as it has really effected my life in a huge way for that long of a time span!
Dont get me wrong I will still be around and will check in with whats going on in game, I just have to step back now sadly. I've met so many great people through this game and there are way too many of you to name, so just know I appreciated meeting all of you and enjoying the game/experience together!
I wish all of you the best of luck! I'll see you in the Spiral.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Thoughts on The New Mirage Patch!

Hello Wizards!
    Kingsisle recently released a brand new patch for the world of Mirage! This particular patch has rumbled the community recently. For and against the nerf of the new world. Some players thought it was too difficult, and some thought that KI should have kept it the same difficulty as we are in the higher worlds now and need some difficulty.
    Where are you on this spectrum? I am looking from both sides, but I am leaning towards that they should have left the difficulty alone. My main wizard is a storm wizard and I usually solo worlds (except Darkmoore cause you need teamwork with that :P) Was not finished before the nerf, but before it happened, I was using the basic shields and healing when I needed.
    We are in the 3rd arc of the game, over level 100+ and have saved the Spiral twice from (Malistaire and Morganthe) - We need some difficulty in the game going forward in my opinion. If they keep nerfing worlds and past worlds , I'm afraid that it will push many of the hardcore players away.
Dont get me wrong, I know this is a Childrens game, but most of the players who make it to Mirage have earned their way there and should know how to use shields and have the problem solving skills to change their deck if they fail in one battle. You aren't suppose to breeze through the game nor one shot mobs and bosses.
That is just my 2 cents on the situation! There are tons of places to discuss this topic, so I thought Id share what I thought about it. Thank you for listening :)