Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Thoughts on The New Mirage Patch!

Hello Wizards!
    Kingsisle recently released a brand new patch for the world of Mirage! This particular patch has rumbled the community recently. For and against the nerf of the new world. Some players thought it was too difficult, and some thought that KI should have kept it the same difficulty as we are in the higher worlds now and need some difficulty.
    Where are you on this spectrum? I am looking from both sides, but I am leaning towards that they should have left the difficulty alone. My main wizard is a storm wizard and I usually solo worlds (except Darkmoore cause you need teamwork with that :P) Was not finished before the nerf, but before it happened, I was using the basic shields and healing when I needed.
    We are in the 3rd arc of the game, over level 100+ and have saved the Spiral twice from (Malistaire and Morganthe) - We need some difficulty in the game going forward in my opinion. If they keep nerfing worlds and past worlds , I'm afraid that it will push many of the hardcore players away.
Dont get me wrong, I know this is a Childrens game, but most of the players who make it to Mirage have earned their way there and should know how to use shields and have the problem solving skills to change their deck if they fail in one battle. You aren't suppose to breeze through the game nor one shot mobs and bosses.
That is just my 2 cents on the situation! There are tons of places to discuss this topic, so I thought Id share what I thought about it. Thank you for listening :)

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