In Wizard101, you enroll into Ravenwood School of Magical Arts at the start of the game! Headmaster Ambrose and Gamma have summoned you for some help. Before starting out, you have to take a small test to see which School you are most fit for. Above you can see all of the Different Schools. To learn more about each school continue reading wizards! Which Magical School will you master?
Storm School
    The Storm school is taught by Professor Halston Balestrom. It is said to be one of the most powerful types of magic in the Spiral! If you like Big damage hits you will love this school! Although it packs a punch, the downside is that your Wizard has the lowest health of all the schools! Cast spells like Lightning snakes, Krakens, Tritons, and even summon up the mighty Leviathan! To learn even more about the Storm school, click Professor Balestrom!

Ice School

The Ice school is taught by Professor Lydia Greyrose! Unlike storm, Ice Magic isn't very strong. The awesome part about learning and mastering Ice is that you have the strongest resist and highest health out of all the schools. If you like to play the tank this is the school for you! Cast spells like Ice beetles, Ice Serpents, and Evil Snowmen! Or call forth an Ice wyvern, and a Chilling Blizzard! To learn more about the Ice School, click Professor Greyrose!
Fire School
The Fire school is taught by Professor Dalia Falmea! She teaches all of her student's special DOT spells! DOT stands for Damage over Time. Just think of something getting burned and how it damages it as time passes. Dots are not that strong, but if you learn to use them wisely you can cause massive damage when they all stack.Cast spells like Fire cat, Fire elf, and Sunbird! Even summon forth a Fiery meteor storm or a Heck hound! To learn more about the Fire school, click Professor Falmea!
Life School
The Life school is taught by Moolinda Wu! The old Life Professor, Sylvia Drake passed away so Headmaster Ambrose had to find a replacement. Moolinda comes from the Ancient world of Mooshu. Cast spells like Imps, Leprechauns, and Seraphs. Summon forth mystical creatures to heal you like the Pixie, Dryad, and Satyr! If you like to be the healer this school is for you! None of the other school's have the ability to heal other players. To learn more about the Life school, click on Moolinda Wu!
Myth School
The Myth school is taught by Professor Cyrus Drake! Cyrus is twin brothers with the old death teacher, Malistaire Drake. Myth spells are conjured by illusions and dreams that are made real. If you choose to become a conjurer, you will learn how to summon forth multiple minions to aid you in battle like a mechanical golem, trolls, cyclops, and even minotaurs! Cast spells like Bloodbats, Trolls, Cyclops! Even summon forth the mighty Humongofrog. To learn more about the Myth school, click on Cyrus Drake!
Death School
The Death school is taught by Professor Dworgyn! He has taken over the spot for Malistaire Drake who is no longer a Ravenwood Teacher for a multitude of reasons. The Death school isn't located in Ravenwood with all of the other schools, it is located in a hidden area in Wizard City called Nightside, along with its school tree. Summon Multiple Ghosts, Ghouls, and the Undead to aid you in battle. Cast spells like, Dark Pixie, Ghoul, and Banshee. Even call forth the Scarecrow, and ghostly Wraith! To learn more about the Death school, click on Dworgyn!
Balance School
The Balance school is taught by Professor Alhazred! He is the main Balance school teacher. You meet him while questing in the Main world, Krokotopia! He is the only Professor not located in Wizard City! Now your asking, who teaches Balance at Ravenwood then? There is a Dog who knows the beginning Balance spells that teaches them to you in Ravenwood if you want to train them. Summon forth the Mighty Judgement, conjure up a Spectral Blast, and harness the power of all 6 other primary schools! To learn more about the Balance school, click on Alhazred!
Moon School
While exploring the world of Celestia, you will be able to learn the arts of the Moon school! There will be a pillar in the commons area that will teach you the current spells it has. Long ago, the Celestians used Astral Magic, but all was lost when Morganthe tried to take it away and the Storm Titan Destroyed Most of Celestia. These Pillars are the remaining secrets to this magic! Moon Magic allows you to transform yourself into another person/monster! You will also gain their stats and your deck cards will change! This only lasts a few rounds, but if used correctly, its very powerful! Morph into many creatures like a Death Ninja, Gobbler, Draconian, and even a Bandit from Marleybone! To learn more about the Ancient Moon school, click on the pillar above!
Star School
Just like the Moon school, the Star School will first be found in Celestia! The Pillar will be located right near the other 2 astral school pillars. The Star school allows you to conjur up magical aura's that power your spells up and your defenses! Cast an Amplify spell to power up all your spells by 15% for 4 turns! Want better resist? Cast the Fortify spell to increase your resist by 15% for 4 turns! You will also find Star Magic located later in the storyline when  you visit the ancient world of Azteca! Click on the Pillar above to learn more about the Star school!
Sun School
Like the other 2 astral schools, you will encounter the Sun School Magic in Celestia, and later in Azteca! The Sun School spells allow you to enchant your current spells to be more powerful and more accurate! The later spells you learn in Azteca allow you to enchant your blades and traps to make them stronger! Even Train the Mutation spells in this school to change your primary school spells into different schools, for example a storm kraken into a lava kraken! To learn more about this school, click the pillar above!
A new Magic has been found called Shadow Magic with the release of Khrysalis! This hidden art is so dangerous and powerful that Grandmother Raven and Bartleby told Headmaster Ambrose not to learn it and to not teach it to any of his students! It has been forbidden since it touches the true essence of the Spiral. This is the forbidden magic that Morganthe wanted to learn when she was the student of Ambrose back in Avalon. When you learn and Train shadow magic from Sofie Darkside in the Eclipse Tower towards the end of Part 1 Khrysalis, you will notice in battle that you have a chance of gaining a shadow pip. To Morph into a shadow you need 1 shadow pip. You will have to master the art of the shadows if you wish to survive as one. There are currently 3 shadow spells, the Shadow Shriker, the Shadow Sentinel, and the Shadow Seraph. Each serve its own purpose. (Shriker for Attacking, Sentinel for defense, and Seraph for healing!) To learn more about Shadow Magic, click on Sofie above!

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